back to article Original 'Echelon' secret UK-US spookery treaty published

Old news in the world of surveillance and spookery today, as the original 1946 secret treaty between the UK and US which set up the famous "Echelon" listening system is finally published. The UKUSA agreement, drafted to formalise intel-sharing arrangements which had developed during World War II, formed the basis for the US- …


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  1. Inachu

    Putting this info in the national archives make no sense.

    Putting this info in the national archives make no sense.

    As long as you got people like Dick Cheney going there and removing documents and putting them in his pant legs so that later people will not know their true history when idiots like this rewrite history by removal of documents and then could deny in any future legal briefing that such and such incident never occured. Cheney is unamerican by doing that.

    1. Kontos


      I think you are confusing Samuel "Sandy" Berger with Dick Cheney.

    2. Steven Knox


      Setting aside your obvious mistake of the nationality of those archives, I'd like to introduce you to an amazing technology that we have now. It allows the conversion of data from chemically-treated woodpulp storage to electronically-treated silicon and magnetically-treated ceramics (and sometimes even laser-etched chemically-treated plastics) -- the upshot of which is that Dick Cheney can stuff as much paper in his pants as he wants, and the documents remain available.

      National archives of both countries involved in this particular article use this technology, and indeed, you could have seen the results of it by simply following the link provided.

    3. NCOIC

      Of course it needs to be placed into the Archives.

      It may be that once it is posted to the archives it will be easier to perform searches on keyword programs to facilitate FOIA requests/legal appeals processes. We do not have a clue just how many BIG EAR Communications Intercept Satellites have been launched, but such ignorance is guaranteed to increase privacy violations without Judicial Warrant. By the way... It was all posted before @ see nsa files.

  2. Anonymous Coward

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  3. David Casler


    SIGINT, or signals intelligence, is generally taken to refer to the "externals," such as technical details like who it's sent to, who it's from, what technology the signal is using, etc. It's used to build up patterns of behavior.

    COMINT, or communications intelligence, is generally taken to refer to the "internals," meaning the content of the messages. I think you are probably referring to COMINT in the article.

    You can see the American NSA's own definition of SIGINT on its website at Note that it conveniently does not include analysis of the contents of a message.

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