back to article Sorting out the jigsaw that is business mobility?

Most businesses tend to find themselves arriving at a point where they have accumulated a bunch of mobile stuff. Some of it has been brought into the business in a premeditated fashion, while other bits have crept in, in response to personal or group pressure. We can argue that there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, it …


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  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    Dear staff,

    As we enter in the new decade, and seek to replace our aged mobile hardware, we find ourselves reconsidering and redrawing our approach to mobile provisioning. As part of the transition to our new mobile services, we are abandoning our existing line of phones and notebooks. These units have served their time, and they will now be put to pasture.

    Many of you have be asking to have input on the selection of your new devices, and IT is committed to continued flexibility to meet the requirements of staff. As part of this commitment we are pleased to offer you a selection of any smartphone you wish, so long as it is available from [carrier] and will work with our Blackberry Enterprise Server. A list of the available handsets is included with this e-mail, including recommendations, reviews, and a list of “pros and cons” for each model.

    For your notebook needs, as you are aware company requirements for are high and very strict. Notebooks must have an AMD southbridge, as well as an ATI X6XX or better video card. The list of all qualifying models we currently have available from our supplier is included in this e-mail, including recommendations, reviews, and a list of “pros and cons” for each model.

    As always, we as you to please bear in mind that this equipment is company supplied, and subject to corporate review. You are all aware that we are in the midst of becoming PCI compliant, and this requires special cautions be taken with any personally identifiable information that you may require on your equipment to accomplish your duties. As such, IT will be regularly reviewing both your equipment configuration and any additional applications you have chosen to install. Should you install any software not pre-approved by IT, or attempted to circumvent security precautions that could potential jeopardise confidential customer information, these changes will be reverted with prejudice.

    As always, our staff PC programme remains in effect, and you may apply to purchase either new hardware directly from our corporate supplier, or refurbished corporate equipment at a significant discount. We anticipate this will meet all your personal computing needs, allowing you to refrain from utilising your company supplied equipment for personal computing requirements.

    Once you have selected your equipment from the lists attached to this e-mail, please send a formal request for equipment replacement at

    If you have any issues at all with the corporate mobile guidance, or wish to re-discuss the rationale behind these decisions, please e-mail the relevant party at filethirteen@[]

    Should you fail to place your order for your preferred mobile equipment before [date], then default equipment will be chosen for you based on what IT feels are the best options available.

    Thank you for your time and patience with our new mobile policy.

    --Trevor Pott

This topic is closed for new posts.

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