back to article VMware springs into frameworks with imminent acquisitions

VMware is committed to buying more software companies specializing in frameworks to provide application portability – and to keep up with coders. On Wednesday, company chief executive and president Paul Maritz promised "you will see us expand our repertoire over the next few quarters." Speaking at the Structure 2010 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Maybe they could use a chequebook this time and write real cheques........ha ha ha

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Whenever Nothing is Changed is All just the Same and Getting Worse.

    ""I worry a lot about are we are the tail end of one generation [of computing] and the beginning of another," he said." The Smart Acquisition of Future Top Clients with Capital Raising Interests by Private Means and Piratical Memes ....... :-) would be a Good Long Buy Into in those cases...... for Future Top Clients have no worries. They surely provide solutions.

    Do VMware Clients produce Solutions for Virtual and Virile and Venerable Seed and Feed Transfer of Cloud Crowd Control CodeXSSXXXX ..... for Virtual Rights Management AIdDrive for Core Source/Midas Ticket Lodes and Plump Pimping and Pumping Passionate Veins, which is what this new NSA assigned patent is to be used for ......... ...... whenever workers meet science at new levels, which one would always then assume, full steam ahead skunk works in all novel fields. Which all makes for a Crazy Future in a Mad, Mad, Mad World, which in applying the Double Negative is a Positive Ploy would rather suggest Beta Order in Placement of Present Chaos.

    "Maybe they could use a chequebook this time and write real cheques........ha ha ha" .... Anonymous Coward Posted Thursday 24th June 2010 08:55 GMT

    The Money System works Best whenever it realises its Laundering Secrets are known to unknowns, for then is great wealth exchanged and moved to ensure that nothing is revealed to be damaged and damaging. Although hiding Catastrophic Damage is always an Explosive Accident waiting to happen at any time, again and again and again.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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