back to article Skype targets 100 million PCs with SkypeKit SDK

Skype is releasing an SDK to enable makers of mobile and desktop devices to embed its internet-telephony tech into globally distributed systems at low cost. According to CEO Josh Silverman, the goal is to have Skype preloaded onto 100 million PCs in 2011. Silverman also said that competition from Google Voice, which went into …


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  1. koopmaster
    Thumb Up

    Finally -- now we need skype on the PS3

    I hope this means that us PS3 users will be able to install Skype on the PS3. There's a massive outcry for this functionality and Sony just hasn't listened to its customers. Go SKYPE....

  2. spegru

    Following the Money

    and it's not Windows or Apple

    You can see where this is going....Tablets, Phones and Devices, not (so much) PCs, let alone Macs.

  3. Michael 10

    Aww, still no 3rd party clients...

    Aww, you got me all excited...I thought this meant finally allowing 3rd party applications to connect, I'd prefer being able to roll all my messenger programs together.

    Although they do get kudos for actually supporting linux

    1. Bruno Girin

      3rd party apps

      That's exactly what it is: once you have the SDK, you can build 3rd party apps that use it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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