back to article Vodafone sticks universal mail in shredder

Vodafone is shelving its service, trying to get subscribers to sign up to Vodafone 360 instead despite the stark disparity in services. (or Vodafone Mail) has been knocking about since 2003 when the world's biggest mobile operator killed off the Vizzavi brand it bought off Vivendi a year earlier. …


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  1. Linker3000
    Paris Hilton


    I've been getting SMSs for a couple of days urging me to 'check your account for an important message'. Blimey, my whatsit? Never 'erd of it - but now I know I had it, and am now going to lose it, I am outraged.

    I feel a coming on.

    /Paris - because she'd be more than distressed if someone took away her box.

    1. Iain Curtain

      i had to laugh

      I got the same text asking me to check my email for some "important information", however my login and password wasn't accepted, neither could I get it sent to me . . .

      fail all round, where's my iphone 4 free of charge as compensation ;-)

  2. Chad H.


    Fax, thats the one with the sticks, right?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh, i'd better ditch my email.....

    and get a twitter/facebook account. NOT!

    Get real! twatterbook people need to realise theres more to life than the fake mates you have on a web page.

  4. The First Dave

    Web 2.0

    Don't Vodafone realise that most of their competitors are now on Web2.5, and working towards Web3.1 ??

    1. Atonnis


      Wait until Web3.11 - Web for Workgroups!

      1. PaulK

        Don't you mean

        Web for wankers to use the universal sobriquet for 3.11

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Replace Fax with Twatter?

    OK, I could live with that if pushed, however lots of companies are not going to. Let's just say that some companies I have worked for recently don't even have IM through Exchange available as it poses a security risk and potential for time wasting, let alone spending all day Twatting-about!

  6. D. A. Blake


    And what of those Vodafone customers who do not have the handful of handset models that are compatible with 360?

  7. M Bison

    Vodafone what are you up to

    VF are turning into the lumbering beast many other networks are distubringly becoming, discontinuing service, making up info when you clal to enquire and when you do most operators have not got a clue - or care...

    Sort it out VF - start being the company you claim to be....

  8. Samuel Walker

    Any word on how

    this will affect their Blackberry BIS server at - pretty sure that BlackBerry's need the BIS for their e-mail functions to work....

  9. CaptainBlue

    What important message?

    I got the same text message, logged into my account and saw ... the one and only message I'd had in there for a year and a half...

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