back to article N8 flicks budget-price spitballs at iPhone

Nokia has already unveiled its first smartphone running the upcoming Symbian^3 operating system, the N8, but will not ship it until later in the summer. It is keeping interest high, though, by making its most aggressive ever move against the iPhone, pricing the N8 well below the Apple icon and touting all the added value that …


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  1. Test Man


    "The HTC Desire, one of the most high end handsets on the market, is coming to the UK at an unsubsidized price of around £360, significantly below the unlocked iPhone 4."

    It's already out (the Desire)?

    1. Dazzz
      Thumb Up


      I can see it for 385 SIM free on

  2. Sean Timarco Baggaley

    I've seen it, albeit in France.

    Big bugger, too. But it's got "HTC" in the name, which makes it an automatic rejection for me. I've had too many bad experiences with their definition of "quality control" to want to be burned again.

    On the other hand, I've had few problems (and exemplary service) from Apple and Nokia, but I find Symbian just too clunky for smartphone duties and therefore prefer Nokia's lower-end (S40) models. Symbian needs radical surgery, not just a cosmetic facelift and the N8 suffers the same usability problems as most of Nokia's previous attempts.

    Still, competition is good. I just wish there were more *innovation*, rather than the tiresome, "It's just like an iPhone, but with..." clones. Just because Apple's phones use touch-screens, there's no reason to assume no other form-factor can possibly work in the market.

  3. tony72

    @Test Man

    "It's already out (the Desire)?"

    Where? Other than places selling imports, all the UK retailers seem to list it as pre-order, or awaiting ETA, as far as I can see.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      come on now

      i have had mine for a few days now so UK users can get one if they want

  4. elder norm

    wow... just wow.

    Nokia wants to have market share ..... cause that is important......... for selling bread.

    Nokia will be selling phones but making NO PROFIT. Its profit that makes a company more. So they will be like Dell. Sell cheap, make nothing, go broke.

    Just a thought here.


    1. James Hughes 1

      So presumably

      You are completely familiar with the parts costs of the N8 then, so know how much profit they are making on each phone?

      I think you will be surprised how cheap these things are to manufacture.....

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Yeah! Take that Apple! We're going to cannibalise our own market share by flooding it with products that compete with themselves at substantially lower margins. Genius.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    The apple factor

    Hats off to Apple for redefining the mobile market and introducing the industry to a different way of thinking. If Apple was not in the mobile device market the existing big players Nokia included would be churning out devices that are hurriedly rushed with a poor emphasis on the design and user experience.

    Like or loathe Apple, but they have done a great service to consumers and also those of us that work in the technology industry by waking everyone up.

    1. Lance 3

      You can't be serious

      S90 was and is still light years ahead of the iPhone. Nokia just never capitalized on it and was working on merging S60, S80 and S90 into a single platform. They got distracted, it is an insult to all to even consider Apple an innovator. How many things has Apple copied? They also lock you in. Try a video call to an non-Apple phone. Yep, won't work, but other manufacturers don't seem to have an issue.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear

    Watching the promos on youtube, the amazing new Symbian^3 UI doesn't even compare to the older SE Satio/Vivaz UI on Symbian^1 which cost about the same. Imagine putting this in a shop next to the X10 / Desire / Nexus One / Galaxy S...

  8. Carlos.

    You seem to have missed the news that.......

    ......the N8 will be the first and last phone to run S^3.

    And you also misreported that the N9 will run on S^4, when it has already been leaked that future N series devices launched after the N8 will run on MeeGo, with S^4 being used on feature phones.

    I realise that you have written Nokia off as a contender, but please, try doing some research on your articles?

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