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New York's Naked Cowboy - who entertains the Times Square masses by strumming a guitar dressed in his undies - has taken exception to a Naked Cowgirl who he reckons is "ripping off his shtick". That's how the New York Post summarises Sandy Kane's infringement of Robert Burck's Naked Cowboy trademark. Burck is demanding the …


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  1. It wasnt me

    Not for the fainthearted?

    Thats an understatement. You reg hacks are normally better at warning us about off-reg links that that.

    Can I propose a "Not Safe For Eyes" tag, in a similar vein to your NSFW please?

    I can't unsee that picture, you know.

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon


      the comments are worth a quick look though, such as..

      "Sandy Kane, a fixture of the city comedy scene and former stripper famous for closing her act by lighting her breasts on fire.

      looks like her face might have gotten lit a few times..."

      Class :)

  2. Oz


    Dear god! My eyes have been soiled.... I can only hope the people paid $2 a photo are doing it out of pity

    1. Daniel B.


      Oh dear! I think that's what we get for saying "pics or it didn't happen"!

      Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash my eyes.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    OMG! Thank you for trying to spare us...

    I foolishly followed that link to the Post and was nearly blinded by the image it revealed.

  4. Lionel Baden

    GOOD GOD !!!



    my eyes


  5. Thomas 4
    Thumb Up


    Loved the section at the bottom.

  6. mmiied

    is it just me?

    "Edit error 37: Your search request for "naked" + "cowboy" returned no results. Please consult internal memo 9 of 21/7/2006 for guidelines on selecting IT-related material."

    at the botton of the story?

    and is it just me complaining of the lack of pics?

  7. brimful

    Seems like

    the Reg feeling rather amorous today

  8. Shane McCarrick

    Ye gods!

    I'd pay her to keep away from me......

    Why anyone would want a picture of her (shudder.......)

  9. Shaun 1

    Trade descriptions?

    Neither of them should be allowed to use the trademarks if they're doing whatever they're doing in their underwear

    1. Peter Ford

      The definition of naked ...

      ... in the US is certainly different to the one I know!


  10. paul brain

    Holy Crap

    She's no eeeeepc girlie

  11. JasonH

    Warning needed

    Wow Lester, you hinted at it in the final sentence but the link to the article with the embedded photograph should come with a warning written in letters 40-foot high. It's enough to make me feel quite ill (*shudder*).

    For those who haven't been dumb enough to follow the link, don't. Just don't. Please, don't.

    (@Sarah Bee: Before you smite me, understand I'd add this public health warning regardless of the photographed subject's gender. If you still want to smite me, look at the picture and consider that I am permanently scarred by the thought of the defendant lighting her breasts at a strip show)

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Warning needed

      Mmm. No. It's just the human body, for chrissakes, I don't see why it induces nausea. I bet none of you who claim to be running for the bucket hand clasped to mouth are golden gods.

      1. JimC

        Got to agree...

        Its not as if there aren't thousands of less aesthetic bodies on display on every beach in the world - mine for instance - and why the hell not.

      2. JasonH

        But I'm not the one running around NYC in a bikini ?!

        If we are golden gods, would this mean you would not smite, you'd be smitten?

        As an aside, isn't it curious that most who undress at nudist beaches are those who most need to cover up? Or have the most to cover up?

      3. Lionel Baden


        I am

        Hohnest .....

      4. The Indomitable Gall

        Re: Re: Warning needed

        "I bet none of you who claim to be running for the bucket hand clasped to mouth are golden gods."

        And that's where you're wrong. I am the 24-carat winged deity Archithonrix, and I lay Fabergé eggs.

      5. The First Dave


        Ae you _sure_ that is human?

        1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

          Re: @Moderatrix

          Yeah yeah. I bet your tits are 30% saggier than hers.

      6. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Golden gods?

        Does C3PO even read the register?

    2. Cunningly Linguistic

      Re: Warning needed

      Pedantry warning!

      "Gender" refers to language use differences, "sex" refers to human differences.

      Methinks my brief observation twixt tightly compressed fingers reveals that neither is relevant!

      1. JasonH
        Thumb Up

        Sex vs. gender

        You are quite correct, sir. I just couldn't bring myself to use the word 'sex' in a post about this article. (*Shudder*)

      2. peyton?

        sex vs gender

        So do my computer's cables have gender or sex?

        (actually, if it's sex, that would explain the tangled mess behind the desk)

        1. Neoc

          Re: Sex Vs Gender

          Well, around here the plugs that change a cable's connectors (from male to female or vice versa) are known as "gender-benders". YMMV

        2. Anonymous Coward

          re: sex vs gender

          > So do my computer's cables have gender or sex?

          Um, well yes if course they do, otherwise your computer wouldn't be able to have interface, now would it?

  12. Giddy Kipper

    Oh. Shit.

    Thanks for the link. Now I feel unwell.


  13. Anonymous Coward


    The goggles!

    They do nothing!

  14. Martyn 1

    Good Grief!

    I'd happily fork out two bucks for here to put some clothes on!

  15. Matt 21

    False advertsiing?

    After all neither of them or naked, and come to think of it, I suspect that neither of them are cowboys or cowgirls.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: False advertsiing?

      here here!

      to these naked pretenders ... GYTO/GYCO of GTFO :S apologies to the moderatrix for channeling /b/

    2. Apocalypse Later

      Non Sequitur

      If they were really naked, there would be no way of identifying them as cow people.

  16. James 5

    Cowgirl ?

    If this was the UK she'd be sued under the Trade Description Act.

    Cowgranny perhaps....

  17. Anonymous Coward

    oh, man

    another path for my career diversification blocked

  18. Gavin McMenemy

    Isn't that a man?

    That "cowgirl" looks suspiciously male. No wonder Naked Cowboy is angry.

  19. Andy 70

    @ Martyn 1

    oh hell yeah. just like the big british beer gut that makes it's summer appearence to the detriment of everyone in the visable vicinity, there are things that should remain clothed.

  20. Smite the Unbeliever

    My eyes, my eyes...

    Should have taken my glasses off before following the link.

    Perhaps people are giving her money in the hope that she'll buy some clothes.

    Mind you, it's given me an idea. Perhaps I should wander round the Bull Ring in my undies and see if anyone will pay good money to be photographed with the Naked Bald Fat Git.

  21. disgruntled yank

    He has a trademark on the Stetson?

    There are whole large stretches of the US where Stetsons, cowboy hats, are as common as umbrellas in London. I will admit that most of these are at least 20 degrees of longitude west of NYC. They do tend to be areas where those of northern European descent need to ration their exposure to sunlight--there is a very good reason that Stetsons have big brims--so the naked part I guess he can claim.

  22. BongoJoe

    And in The Times...'s further claimed that the artiste in question is renowned for having a genital wart shaped like an ear.

    Perhaps thankfully, no pictures were accompanying the article to back up this rather bizarre claim.

  23. Martin Lyne


    Edit error 37: Your search request for "naked" + "cowboy" returned no results. Please consult internal memo 9 of 21/7/2006 for guidelines on selecting IT-related material.

  24. Wommit
    Paris Hilton

    Clicked on the link

    never saw a thing.

    Was wearing my peril sensitive sunglasses (indoors of course) though.

  25. Deadly_NZ


    I Clicked

    I Looked


    Beer because I going to need gallons to get my eyesight back

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OH GOD

    I had to watch the 2 girls 1 cup video just to get that image out of my head.

  27. 0laf Silver badge


    It's Petunia from Futurama.

    Blurg, where do I get some brain soap?

  28. Rob

    Eye Surgery

    Seeing as the warning wasn't really harsh enough from El Reg I'm booked into a Laser Eye Clinic to have my retinas burned out so that this doesn't happen again.

    Expect an invoice from councilling service very soon.

  29. Anonymous Coward


    Where's the link to Naked Cowboy photos


  30. IR


    I was going to suggest that they get together and have naked cowchildren, but she is certainly stretching the term "girl" a lot more than it should ever be stretched.

  31. Kay Burley ate my hamster

    The "50-something New Jersey native whose real name is Sandra Brodsky"

    C'mon, Lester did say she was 50-something!

    But I did take a peek, and it wasn't pretty.

    1. Rob

      Be serious

      The only thing the majority El Reg's audience read was "Naked Cowgirl" and "burning breasts" after that they all scanned the rest of the article for a picture or link.

      (I've given it a joke icon, but probably not too far from the truth though)

  32. Blubster

    Well thats the cow picture

    but where's the girl?

    A definite double-bagger. (that's where you put a bag on your own head just in case hers falls off)

  33. Blubster

    @Sarah Bee

    "Mmm. No. It's just the human body, for chrissakes"

    It has been said that god created man in his own image - it would be a sad day for Christians throughout the globe if god looked anything like her.

  34. RTNavy
    Paris Hilton

    MY EYES!!!

    Can we get another franchise to cover them up?????

  35. Colin Cruikshank

    Oh Dear god

    Eating lunch, CLICK, reach for bin. Bugger, now I have to buy some more lunch.

    50's or not - words fail me.

  36. JohnG

    Not naked

    Purely in the interests of journalistic research, some Google searches suggest that there are several "Naked Cowgirls" in NY and elsewhere. However, none of them are actually naked until you get to continental Europe. Not far from where I live, this young lady will apparently strut her stuff starting off in a cowgirl costume but ending in her birthday suit: (NSFW)

    1. Hugh Jorgen

      Hats off.......

      God(s) bless the Germans and their love of random (and frequent) nakedness.

      Bottoms up.

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