back to article Red Hat revenues swell to $209.1m

Red Hat is not as precisely coupled to the economy as many other IT players. Throughout the Great Recession, Red Hat got its brim a little wet, but it never blew off Wall Street's head and got trampled in the mud like so many other companies. And as the economy recovers, the commercial Linux operating system and JBoss middleware …


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  2. Anonymous Coward

    aha, opportunity knocks.....

    apparently we need to sharpen the discount - pencil a little before renewing whatever.

    centos is there, it's a copy and it's for free. good enough for anything non-production, right ?


  3. Tony Kammerer


    Didn't realize Redhat also has a time machine which is the only way to explain how they are reporting earnings for quarter 1 2011 already.

    Gotta love the innovations brought on by Linux :)

    ps. grats England on win over Slovenia

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