back to article Dell 'in talks' with Google over Chrome OS netbooks

Dell is "in talks" with Google over Mountain View's still-gestating Chrome OS, an operating system that limits itself to a Google web browser. "We have to have a point of view on the industry and technology direction two years, three years down the road, so we continuously work with Google on this," Amit Midha, Dell's …


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  1. mlo0352

    Really Wish

    I really wish that Google would just merge an amazing verrsion of the Chrome browser with Android for sale on netbooks...I would like to have some local applications, even if they are small...Ya know? Or at least if they make it so you can run Android apps in the Chrome OS...just a thought..

  2. Jared Vanderbilt


    Chrome on commodity hardware.

    I'll get one as an online banking and web retail terminal. No more f***'n malware.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Why not Photoshop online?

    If all the apps except for the browser (OS) reside on servers and storage is all hosted online as well, why would any sw/hw vendor not want to prepare for this added revenue stream?

    Specs should include USB3 (for fast file access when not online), Gig LAN, Wi-Fi, and V.92.

    Hi-Ho the Dairy-O, the Farmer in the Dell.

  4. Craig 28

    re:USB 3

    Well unless you can save browser based applications to file then file access while offline is a non issue really. Still can't believe they don't at least include a media player of some sort, plus basic word processor like notepad/wordpad in Windows.

    Gig LAN is maybe wise to include though most users won't bother with that even now, wi-fi is a definite and perhaps 3G internet access would be advisable as well.

    Still a browser-only system might work for some public library situations.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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