back to article Facebook in 'solid net profit' shocker

Facebook pulled in a $700 to $800 million in revenue during 2009, according to a report citing two sources familiar with the situation. Reuters reports that last year, the social networking site made actually made a "solid" net profit — somewhere in the tens of millions of dollars. These figures are higher than expected for …


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  1. Pirate Peter

    and this upturn happened when

    would this have anythng to do with the relaxing of privacy controls then having to wind them back in? but to late the genie (private data) was already out of the bottle

    and the encouraging user to share everything by default

    users private lives being monetorised again


    1. Def Silver badge

      shurely shome mishtake

      If you really wanted your life to be private, you probably wouldn't be posting the details on facebook.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        If you really have a life at all.

        You're probably not on Facebook anyway.

  2. montyburns56

    A cruel thing to do with the profits....

    ..would be to use them to to buy Bebo.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    Most of this money comes from spooks such as the C.I.A.

  4. Ian Rogers
    Thumb Down


    How much investor capital was consumed to get there? When will the return on investment be? If it's still in the red then it's still a hobby not a business (although a very big one).

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Thank you Peter Jones

      But the "hobby not business" on Dragons Den won't get the investment at all.

  5. Mark 65

    Total cost

    I'm just wondering, with $25m/yr spent on data centres, how much money has been sunk into Facebook in total so far and therefore how long before profitable means "profitable since inception"?

  6. Adam White


    Everyone knows that only the last quarter is of any financial significance. Apart from the next quarter of course.

  7. hahnchen

    Facebook Credits will draw in the cash

    1) Allow people to innovate on top of your platform

    2) Then f*ck them over

    3) Profit.

  8. Tom 13

    Is that before or after

    settling the coming privacy lawsuits?

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