back to article Creative ZiiSound D5 wireless speakers

The performance of Bluetooth stereo headphones has improved noticeably over the last couple of years and can now give ordinary wired headphones a good run for their money. However, Bluetooth hasn’t achieved the same rate of progress when used in standalone speaker systems. Creative Labs ZiiSound D5 Wireless world: Creative's …


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  1. The Original Ash

    No good for Nintendo consoles

    Unless you fancy a particularly WiiZii sound...

    The one with the red Lucky's in the pocket.

  2. Bassey


    A wireless speaker system that is (according to your specs table) "MAINS ONLY". Has the world gone stark raving mad? Since when did it count as wireless if you've got to plug the damn thing in? That's a WIRE sticking out the back of that there wireless speaker system then, yeah?

  3. Tom Chiverton 1

    "any computer that has a USB port"

    Are you sure ? *Really* ? So, Linux as a starting point ? What about ARM-based system-in-a-matchbox ? Why not just tell us the real requirements ?

  4. Kevin Fairhurst

    The big question is...

    Will it charge the apple device when "docked" into the speaker? If not, then the market for this is going to be EXTREMELY limited...

    1. SJT
      Thumb Up


      Yes it does charge the apple device when docked into the speaker....

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