back to article Humax to re-transmit firmware update for older DVRs

Set-top box maker Humax is to rebroadcast the long-anticipated firmware updates for its Freeview DVRs this week. Owners of Humax's PVR-9150T, PVR-9200T and PVR-9300T will get a second stab at downloading the software from 28 June. The revised firmware is claimed to fix UI and system slowdown woes that have hit all three boxes …


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  1. Ian Womack

    I thought my box was screwed

    My Humax 9200T box has been slow/unresponsive for ages and I just assumed it was on its way out but since the update (to 1.0.23) it is working like new again (+ now the EPG is already populated on start up).

    Whilst it is nice that they have delivered an update, it would have been nice for them to advertise the issues they have been suffering as much as they have advertised the actual update (I got an email) as I was about to invest in something else (probably a Topfield).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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