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With an eye to entry-level ownership, Mio has added two new affordable satnavs to its range: the Navman 470 and 475. The cheaper 470 will set you back less than 100 nicker and comes with a 4.3in screen. For £110, the 475 offers access to TMC traffic data which isn't featured on the 470, the model I've had stuck to my windshield …


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  1. Bassey

    Why why why?

    What the hell is it with wide-screen SatNavs? Am I the only person more concerned with what is coming up ahead of me than what is off to the sides? Truly bizarre!

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    POS Company

    Don't buy anything from them unless you want to throw it away in two-three years. I have a 269+ somewhere in the drawer, check the support + maps if you don't believe me. I gave up a long time ago. During the upgrade to v3 got my stuff bricked temporarily because the model identification failed (got the wrong patch). The 'new' software would not let me turn the speed limit indication off - which would not be a problem if the maps were not hopelessly outdated and wrong without a remote possibility to update. Customer support - well, is there any? My e-mails did not get returned once they figured out that they could not help. Should not be such companies driven out of the market by consumer protection groups? At least do not advertise them.

    A very disappointed former customer...

  3. Peter Bond
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    Nice review

    I bought one of these two weeks ago just wanting a large screen basic sat-nav to get me from A to B, Very happy with it so far especially the size and weight. My last sat-nav was a TomTom but the "A five hundred and twelve" style of verbal road designation drove me bonkers. Mio's "A-5-1-2" is much preferable in my book. Battery life ain't bad either.

    1. ravenviz

      Re: Nice review

      Is the screen brightness adjustable? I see some satnavs are really bright in people's cars at night, and that's from my car looking into theirs, I like to have my fascia lights really low at night.

      I'm 90% going to buy one if the screen brightness is adjustable.

  4. jason 7

    I wondered too about widescreen sat-navs....

    ......on another forum.

    I cant see the benefit myself.

    However, I was soon put right. Oh yes I was.

    Apparently if you drive a big fast penis enhancing car (usually from Germany) then you have to sit further back or are older and wiser and therefore need a larger screen to see it.

    I did comment that if they cant see a satnav from 2 feet away then maybe they shouldnt be driving but apparently I'm mistaken and "must drive a little s**t-box car!"

    Another reason was if you drive really fast (in your penis enhancing car) then you need the extra screen to see whats coming up.

    To be honest if you are driving that fast then using a sat-nav is pretty dumb.

    So not only do some folks have to compensate with their cars, they have to do it with sat-navs too.

    Poor lambs.

  5. Tom Chiverton 1

    pay how much for safety camera locations ?!?

    You need to get yourself to you do...

  6. James 5


    "lets Windows users send addresses and directions from Google Maps directly to the device" - and a lot of good that'll do them !

    1) Google maps has totally the wrong names for my local streets - so I guess it's accuracy elsewhere is pretty poor. (and there's no "Report a Google Screw-up" button on the map)

    2) On a recent trip to Italy my Google map route placed my Hotel 2 kilometres away from where it actually was (this is a dense network of narrow Italian town streets).

    Reliance on google will cause an increase in Sta-Nav related accidents - mark my words !

    </voice of doom>

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