back to article MySpace loses co-president

Jason Hirschhorn, co-president of MySpace and the man meant to rebuild the social networking site, is leaving the company. News Corporation's chief digital officer Jon Miller said the company respected his decision and his desire to return to New York. Miller gushed: "As many people know, Jason is like family to me, and as …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "everything we asked of him and more"

    Well, except make Myspace relevant again.

    Or didn't they ask him that ?

    1. MacRat

      Tila Tequila!

      Doesn't that make MySpace relevant?

      Or the ugly pages?

  2. shawnfromnh

    Go figure

    What screwed up MySpace was removing the MySpace Chat. They had to of course because of the pedophiles and I saw that happen a few times personally. The thing is the chat rooms were where you met new people that you didn't know personally and once that was gone you had to rely on profiles that were basically half bullshit and not knowing if that woman was actually a teenager playing around or a nut trying to act normal.

    The other thing that killed MySpace was the fact they shut down MySpace games for about a year and by then I wasn't using MySpace anyways so it didn't matter what they had for games.

    The worst thing they did technically was MySpace Music. If you used Firefox any song you listened to on a profile played to 1:05 and then just stopped and you could make it start again but it would stop again soon after. Major screwup there since having a song you may be hearing for the first time and might like just stop like that is irritating at best.

    Should I even start on viruses, adult chat friend requests, the new 2.0 layout that looked like something grandma would like with no real customization without coding for hours in a code only usable on MySpace.

    MySpace just made a lot of bad decisions and didn't have a clue about their userbase.

    This removal is not going to help a thing though. MySpace has just to much of a bad rep to do anything but die off slowly.

    Now lets see how long Facebook lasts.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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