back to article EMC sells Retrospect to Sonic

EMC has sold its Retrospect backup software business to Sonic Solutions, owner of the Roxio product set. EMC, according to a person close to events, has decided that Retrospect was no longer a strategic product. EMC bought Dantz Corporation in 2004 to acquire Retrospect and add it to the Insignia small business product line. …


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  1. Jeffrey Nonken
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    Retrospect rocks!

    It's a nice, clean way to automate your backups. I've been using it for years. Finally switched to removable hard drives as my backup medium when my 5th tape drive died -- DDS3 is so last century.

    The key here is "automated". People are lazy, only the most dedicated (or paranoid) will regularly run backups by hand. By automating the system you get to set it up once, then just monitor and tweak it once in a while, swapping media every so often.

    Retrospect does well for this.

    What's more is that it's cross-platform. I can (and have) backed up Windows, Mac, and Linux clients from the same server. I just wish they'd cut prices a bit on their multi-system licensing. Raising prices sounds like a great way to make more profit, but in the long run it may just lose you customers. And aside from creating CDs and packaging (which is dirt cheap) it's not like the software is a finite resource. Make it cheap enough and hobbyists will buy it in droves, not to mention small businesses.

    I was disappointed when I heard that Retrospect 8 was canceled and EMC was talking about dropping it altogether. I'm glad it's still around, and hope that Sonic will do something with it besides let it collect dust.

    Anyway, enough babbling! MHO, YMMV.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Retrospect Sucks!

      I don't know about the Windows version as I don't use it, but the Mac version stopped working properly about 6.1. Even before then there were huge problems with drivers for different tape drives and the inability of the owners to even get into the 21st century with OS X.

      I rue the day I installed 8.1 on a customers server about a year ago. This has to be the buggiest, most awful app to (dis)grace the Mac for years! I could live with the totally unintuitive interface, but the fact that this very expensive program just does not work reliably and doesn't even have up-to-date LAN workstation software available is unforgivable in a product that is supposed to backup critical data.

      Somebody put it out of its misery, please!

  2. Confuciousmobil
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    I saw the headline and wondered why a hedgehog would want to buy retrospect...

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