back to article Javascripters promise Jobs-free HTML5 for iPad

Javascripters who slammed Apple and Google for hyping HTML5 are offering a claimed frustration-free answer to coding for iPads, iPhones and Androids. Ext JS is today expected to unveil the beta of a programming framework for building rich, web and touch-based applications and that draws on the HTML5 family of specs. Ext JS, …


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  1. CodeDaemon

    ExtJS => Sencha

    ExtJS has now become Sencha, is this the same extjs?

  2. Jay Jaffa
    Jobs Halo

    It's 1988 again

    Looks like Jobs is making the same old mistakes again - despite the billions he's making today.

    His Howard Hughes approach is once again beginning to ostracise Apple from the developer community at large again and pushing Android to the forefront - so reminiscent of Microsoft V Apple again.

    Despite Apple's massive lead now, it will not fulfil its true promise if he continues to act like God.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Doh! PEBCAK

      You do know that Google are behind Android don't you? READ BEFORE POSTING. These folks are critical of both Apple AND Google for their marketspeak bundling of CSS and JS with HTML5 as "HTML5".

  3. It wasnt me

    Good luck.

    If the platform abstracts coding difficulties away from hardware dependency and allows developers to build for multiple platforms from the same source, then recent experience tells us it will shortly be banned from the the iphone and its bastard descendants.

    1. Volker Hett

      Javascript is allowed, it's part of the browser.

      If you want to build native apps, you're restricted to C, C++ and Objective C. For non native apps you're restricted to HTML, CSS and Javascript.

      A problem arises if you want to build a not so native app with something which is neither a native programming language nor HTML/CSS/JS or you want to build an interpreter.

      Luckily I don't need more than what is offered on the iDevices, so I'm fine with that.

      Yes, I know, the World Wide Web is 90% flash, but I'm fine with the other 10%.

    2. Kristian B

      It's the web...

      Is Jobs going to ban the web now?!?

      Could Apple push out an update that automatically uninstalls Safari or maybe just disables JavaScript on the grounds that it's an interpreted language and hence already banned - but they only just realised?

      It's ironic that the beloved HTML 5 web application spec is what will give all this power and richness to web apps - which are inherently cross-platform / device independent.

      In fact, if Mr Jobs is so anti anything he can't control, I'm surprised he even acknowledges that the web exists. He's been so busy hyping HTML5 and singing the praises of open standards while fighting his war with Adobe... I think one day he'll regret it.

      Look how increasingly irrelevant win32 is becoming today, thanks to the web. In Microsoft Land, the web is public enemy #1! It's like what world communism would be to the United States.

      How long before Apple realise they helped give the web teeth and now it can bite them.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        Dear me!

        Before getting on your soap-box, get your facts in order. When the iPhone was originally released it only supported web apps, as well as Apples native ones. This exactly *how* Apple originally intended apps to work on the iOS platform!

      2. Anonymous Hero

        @It's the web...

        "Look how increasingly irrelevant win32 is becoming today, thanks to the web. In Microsoft Land, the web is public enemy #1!"

        Hello, hello, the 1990's would like their FUD back.

        That's the biggest load of yesteryear pish I've heard recently. Microsoft circa 1995 perhaps.

        Yes every corporation seeks to steer how we use the internet to their financial advantage, but these days MS are no more evil and control seeking than Apple, Google or Oracle.

        Go check the MS dev tools and you'll find the web and importantly interop fully embraced. e.g. support for both XML and JSON baked into the tools. Oh yeah, and how about their participation in and redistribution of jQuery in Visual Studio?

        Oh and "win32 irrelevant", well sorry matey, I think Microsoft's 90% share of the desktop OS market keeps Win32 pretty relevant.

        Facts please.

  4. John Carter 1

    make sense

    We are not talking apps, but web-sites. So you make no sense when you say Apple will ban it. Why is it people have to be so polarised and closed minded. Apple aren't perfect but don't assume the worst in every announcement.

    1. Andy ORourke

      Oh John, you're new here aren't you?

      "Why is it people have to be so polarised and closed minded"

      When the article is about Apple there are only two sides (the polarisation of which you despair)

      You either HATE apple with a vengeance, thinking that everything they do is a personal attack on you, your descendents and the world at large


      You are a fanboi who will defend to the death the cult of Jobsianism

      Bit like windows and Linux, don’t even go there :-)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Getting bored of no flash

    As an iPhone owner i am getting really bored of finding i simply cant use a whole load of websites.

    Thanks Steve!

    1. Maliciously Crafted Packet

      And Im so happy...

      that I have an automatic ad blocker on my iPhone which prevents battery draining flash spamming me from every other site I visit.

      1. Alastair 7


        "which prevents battery draining flash spamming me from every other site I visit."

        Someone hasn't looked into how Android implements Flash- it doesn't load automatically, only when you tap it. So there's no battery draining spam.

    2. Doshu

      Same here, plus...

      ... i don't really see why people downvoted this post -- what's wrong with wanting to see all the web has on offer at the moment (regardless of technical aspects and potential inefficiencies of the medium)?

      It's already there and until (and if) it goes away, well.... it's still there! And lots of it!

      Why should the average surfer be penalized for something out of his/her control?

      1. Lou Gosselin


        Personally, my value on freedom is stronger than my hatred of flash. As you can see, some people have it the other way around.

        I would rather see a world where developers, adobe included, are free to develop apps as they choose, and users are free to utilize those that fit their needs the best, instead of a world where apps are censored arbitrarily by a single authority.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    iPhone's days are numbered

    I like the walled garden apparoch of Jobs, purely becuase you know it will ultimately fail. How can any consumer oriented platform be successful without access to p0rn?

  7. OffBeatMammal

    and IE9

    while it's only in Tech Preview IE9 has, much to the chagrin of the MS haters, done a pretty good job on implementing the standards that are standardised (as opposed to still being in flux)

    1. Rattus Rattus

      IE9 and standards

      Well of course, Microsoft has to Embrace a standard before they can Extend and Extinguish it.

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