back to article Autopsy on wacky Jacqui's ID astroturfing

Lobby group No2ID have got their hands on the final report into - the supposedly independent collector of "young people's" views on ID cards. The documents reveal the site bought 50 million adverts on Facebook and other social network sites. These 50 million ads resulted in an awesome 537 people completing the …


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  1. Random Noise


    "The report even included a quote from a mylifemyID member, Bill"


  2. Neil Greatorex

    Wacky Jacqui

    Never has there been a more appropriate moniker.

    She's gone, let's hope for good.

    Now, how do we get rid of Mandy?

    1. Thecowking

      It won't be easy

      We'll need garlic, a stake of hardened hawthorn, the services of at least three priests of different religions and probably a Jedi.

      The Dark Lord is strong in his power and wily in his ways.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Ban this sick filth

    what a mess

  4. Hieronymus Coward


    Seriously £80k for a web site?

    No wonder uk plc is in so much debt.

    Still, I'm sure it was originally quoted at half that and was delivered 5 years later than planned.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That's a return-for-effort that is well below what an amateur wannabe poser spammer might expect. I'd me more appalled if I wasn't so jaded already.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    lmao what a flop

    that's all I have to say about that.

  7. max allan

    Sorry but you are

    Since moving to this damn stupid fixed width page, El Reg is ugly.

    It also only fills a small portion of my screen.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward




  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My summary of the report(s)

    About half the respondents came from Facebook etc. the rest were anti-ID Card protesters.

    Generally the protesters failed to change the mind those who were already in favour of the card.

    No-one wanted to pay for the card.

    Most people though the driving licence did all the ID verifaction they needed.

    Noone identified a unique selling point for the Card

    Some people, after thinking about it, reckoned you didn't get much for your £30

    People wanted reassurance about data security.

    1. Tom Chiverton 1 Silver badge


      "Generally the protesters failed to change the mind those who were already in favour of the card."

      I disagree, look at the survey numbers. Especially the biased-question government ones. It clearly shows people turned against the scheme once No2ID and others began explaining more about what a lifetime of data meant.

  9. Asgard

    Buying 50 million ads?!

    Oh great, another big waste of money but thankfully this lot are out of power, but that doesn't change the fact that the same manipulative tactics will be used over time by any government. Their own actions keep showing how they fail to understand their role as our government representatives is to represent us, (like they say they represent us when they want us to vote them into power!). So they are not to then spend large amounts of our money attempting to convince us to do what our government representatives want us to do! ... We say, they do, not the other way around. They work for us. We are not their slaves to be herded to do what they want. Yet that is exactly what their actions keep showing with their near endless attempts to dictate, lie, manipulate, force and generally fool us into doing what they want. :(

  10. Neil 13

    "A lesbian on-line magazine."?

    Dammit — never! I've always thought of the Reg as a small, humpback dwarf with a club foot, tech scandal sheet.

    1. Trokair 1


      The picture that comes to my mind is Mr. Peanut as a vulture with a cattle-prod instead of a cane.

    2. heyrick Silver badge

      "A lesbian on-line magazine."...

      I may not be a very manly man, but I'm no lesbian. Indeed, females (regardless of orientation) are, still, sadly, a fair minority in tech circles [read El Reg's company info: Sarah, Kelly, Caroline and how many blokes?] so I can only surmise the wally that made that comment didn't bother to read much. Maybe it was a Friday article on which battery is best in a vibrator? Well, they might try again when Apple unveils their hit iWank and all us commentards get down to business (which, given the Jobsian control freakery fettishism, brings to mind some pretty scary mental images...).

  11. Jonte Monkey

    By my calculations that is over £66 per survey respondent!

    They could have could have issued them a free ID card and paid them £30 for their opinions and it still would have worked out cheaper.

  12. Evil_Trev

    I'm thinking

    80K for a web site, time to leave boring old Sys Admin work then.......

  13. Anonymous Coward


    I'm looking to hire a sales person at the moment. I'd dearly love to get my hands on whoever managed to sell this project into the IPS for £80k! If you are reading this - please make yourself known.

    Pints are available in exchange for names and contact details...

  14. Brian Witham

    Oh dear

    If we hadn't been spending this on websites, maybe we wouldn't have cut backs on loan guarantees of £80m for useful stuff like Forgemasters - projects that benefit British industry etc etc...

  15. skellious

    seriously, £76k? How can I get in on this?

    When will the government stop outsourceing and just keep a tech department in-house? It would as a bonus give consistantcy across their sites and stop people being "innovative".

  16. Winkypop Silver badge

    What's Wacky Jacqui's legacy ?

    I have absolutely no ID

  17. Phil Hare 2


    I really wish we could prosecute Smith and friends for this. At least her hubby's porn claim was amusing. This, on the other hand, is frankly sick.

  18. MonkeyBot

    I got quoted!

    I'm famous, I'm going to print out copies for all my friends.

    For those complaining about the cost; please remember that I also managed to get 3 months entertainment out of it by winding up the moderators. Not as much fun as shouting at a minister, I'll grant you, but fun none the less.

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