back to article Indonesia flips over internet rock star smut clips

An online celebrity sex video is giving Indonesia's authorities an opportunity to try and restrict internet use. Two explicit web clips showing Jakarta rock star Ariel in action with two models/television presenters has upset yet proved strangely enticing to the population, which is mainly Muslim. Several schools have been …


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  1. Bernie Cavanagh


    Then people wonder why I'm an atheist.

    There is an element of who cares and if that is all he has to worry about then he needs to get a life.....from somewhere......from anywhere really.

  2. Graham Marsden
    Thumb Down

    He's said it was...

    ... a "race against time" to protect children from harm

    They're learning... :-(

  3. flying_walrus
    Paris Hilton


    The real destruction of the nation. will come when the poor Indonesian children learn that he's named after a FEMALE Disney character.

    Paris. because she could do the little mermaid.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Seems likme a common thing

      They seem to suffer from gender confusion over there. I actually had a few male friends over there that has female names.

      Or maybe their father took "A boy named Sue" a bit too literally. Yeah, it's a poor country (*1) and you want your kids to fight hard to survive and bring it towards prosperity, but at least let them have a normal childhood (*2).

      (*1) Poor as they may be, at least they have better a internet connection and better pay TV providers compared to "prosperous neighbour" Malaysia. I'd prefer to have Indovision serve me as PayTV provider instead of Astro. But alas, it can never be.

      (*2) But if everyone is doing it, none of the kids in school will care anyway because they'd think it's normal?

    2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      A Female Disney Character?

      Or a great Israeli war hero.

      A great man, but these guys in Indonesia probably don't think so ;)

      Paris would never have been able to turn the tide in 1973.

    3. Marky W

      Ah, but...

      Ariel was also a kick-ass evil angel in Paradise Lost. (culture, at The Register? Shurly shome mishtake).

      Still basically a jumped-up fairy, but better than half-bimbo, half-haddock.

  4. mwk
    Paris Hilton


    no link?

  5. Trokair 1
    Big Brother

    At least tell the truth

    He's said it was a "race against time" to use children as an excuse to tighten govenment control over any medium capable of free speach that could possibly transmit anything outside of the approved governmental/religious message or views.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Not again!

    I just don't get this aversion to sex. FFS! If the good whomever you pray to, hadn't wanted us to have sex, our dangly bits would not be in easy reach!

    Media star has nookie and films himself on the job and moral minority lose their marbles. So Mr Moralist, how did you get to be here? Oh yes, your Mum and Dad did the wiggly dance! Another thing, this "mega-star", how do you think he got where is? Oh yes, by showing off in front of a camera! So lets put both of these together. Natural show-off and natural urges, what do you get? Self made porn!

  7. Combat Wombat


    Nice to see no matter the religion, when they want to crack down on freedom they all use the "think of the children" argument

  8. John Savard


    the stars involved can make their escape to another country, and the possibility of charges of a type not supported by that country's laws will suffice to allow them refugee status.

  9. Goat Jam

    The West

    Western governments are leading the world in inventing new methods to control and subjugate their citizenry.

    Terror, paedo and even straight porn are all common vectors used by our own governments to facilitate the introduction of ever more repressive laws and controls upon their people.

    These often target the internet.

    So, we shouldn't be surprised when less democratically inclined* nations see us using these cheap and transparent tactics and decide that they might have a go at that too.

    Sauce for the goose etc etc

    * Yes, I know Indonesia is a democratic country, but that is a relatively recent thing. Besides, are there any truly democratic countries left on this miserable rock?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...or it didn't happen.

  11. Uwe Dippel

    Shows the level?

    Disney is possible, but for the educated, it is a Shakespearean character, a spirit of the air.

    Also, for the pr0nographically challenged, it is an actor, with one X following the name. Maybe lack of under-belt activity; this single X instead of triple beauty?

    Gimme the coat without any holy book in the pockets. It's mine.

    1. R Callan

      Holly hocks in the pocket

      Ariel was a judeo-christian archangel somewhat before the Bard used the name. Perhaps that explains why this mozzy nutcase is so offended?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The words ...

    ... "disneyland with the death penalty" come to mind.

    Then again, Indonesia isn't exactly like disneyland. Neither are all those other countries that are implementing or already have implement some sort of internet censorship. That wouldn't happen over here in Europe, now would it? Shirley not!

  13. gromm

    Oh yes. Porn Will Destroy Your Country.

    Especially amateur porn. I mean, look at Germany...

    Oh, what? Germany is still there? Oh. Damn, there goes that theory.

    Well, look at Sweden then...

    Er, Switzerland then. Or Italy. Or...

    C'mon dammit! Throw me a bone here! Someplace, somewhere must have been smote down by God because of nekkid boobies! Muslims everywhere can't be covering up every possible patch of skin for no reason at all!

    New Orleans then. Yeah, that's been smote, right?

    Oh, it's *still there*? DAMN! Those sinners are sure tenacious, aren't they?

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