back to article Virginia cops liberate bound goat from car trunk

Virginia cops last week did their bit for caprine wellbeing by liberating a half-baked goat from a car trunk, the Lynchburg News Advance reports. Bedford Sheriff’s Deputy Allison Key was alerted to a possible goat in distress scenario when Fiona Ann Enderdy, 32, of Washington, DC, pulled up at a DUI checkpoint on US 460 at the …


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  1. Sgt_Oddball Silver badge

    Clean up

    I believe the mistake may have come from listening to Future of the left 's song 'You need Satan more than he needs you' specifically 'Clean up, fetch the goat, is there somewhere he can travel in the boot?'

  2. Anonymous Coward

    The goat...... pending a court decision on its fate.

    burger? sausage? or stake? it will depend on the judge's stomach mood!

    I already have my drink, were is my plate?

  3. Anton Ivanov

    Ads on the page

    The ad on the page is for an Open Air BBQ Buffet... You gotta love context sensitive advertising...

  4. Sir Runcible Spoon


    I think your legal department will find that it is only humans that can be legally transported in this manner.

    See London Underground

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Caprine rights is all and good, but...

    Why do goats need fodder and water when traveling, and if that's a requirement why doesn't it exist for humans?

    1. Morpho Devilpepper

      It's simple...

      Goats can't read the McDonald's drive-thru menu when the driver stops for refreshment. That being the case, it's best to provide for them in advance. Of course, common sense dictates you also be considerate enough to provide a diaper for long trips...

  6. Oldgoat

    Legal in Britain?

    Oh no it's not. For the terminally bored, relevant legislation is found here:

  7. Anonymous John

    Well, someone has to say it.

    Will nobody think of the kids?

  8. Joe User

    Obviously a mental pygmy

    She defended her goat transportation technique on the grounds that she is British and "transporting goats in this manner is acceptable there".

    Two notes for the moronic driver:

    1. You aren't in the U.K., you're in the U.S.

    2. It gets a damn sight hotter in Virginia than it does anywhere in the U.K.

    1. Ken 16

      perhaps if she talks loudly enough

      they'd understand.

      Drilling for oil in this way is perfectly acceptable in Britain, congressman - get back in your box!

  9. Paul RND*1000


    Never expected Yr.Humble Correspondent's home county to appear in a Reg article, ever. We barely have Internet around here after all.

    Anyway I'll keep this in mind if I ever have to transport a goat, it'll just have to ride shotgun. Presumably, having only one cupholder, I'll have to do without so the goat can have fresh water.

    Then again, the A/C is out on my car and it's been frickin' hot lately, the trunk might be a more comfortable place to ride than the passenger cabin.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    nuf said....

    gettin me coat, night all....

  11. Brian Miller

    Always used pickup truck

    When my parents transported our goats, they (the goats) were in the pickup bed. I can't imagine anyone humanely transporting a farm animal and not using either an appropriate truck or trailer.

    1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

      I can..

      .. but the London Underground joke has already been made. Sorry.

  12. FARfetched
    IT Angle

    Probably not as cruel in UK

    After all, it's not so beastly hot in the UK as in Virginia most of the summer, and you have to travel a long way in America to get just about anywhere. Trunk not so hot, shorter trip, happier goat.

  13. NemoWho
    IT Angle

    Whatever the outcome...

    ...this still beats a World Cup story. We're covered on those elsewhere, thanks.

  14. HaplessPoet

    Remind me?

    Is that a 49-37 or a 49-38?

    No wait a 49-37 is carrying an unlicensed aardvark in your knapsack.

  15. jake Silver badge

    Here in Sonoma ...

    ... there's a woman who routinely has a goat in the passenger compartment of her car (a little orange/red Datsun stationwagon). She treats it like a dog ... but unfortunately goats are barnyard animals & not really "litter box" trainable. The car smells like it's been used as a goat's loo for YEARS. Needless to say, the woman is a trifle on the wacky side ...

  16. tony trolle

    funny but I belive ......

    the practice is common in part of the UK were they cut the goats neck as part of a BBQ/party/religious (Qurbani/Eid ul-Adha) deal either over the bathtub or a drain in the street.

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