back to article Is running a datacentre just like running a kitchen?

Cooling a datacentre the wrong way is like cooling a hot kitchen by opening the fridge door: it makes more sense to open a window and pump fresh air in. That's the view of Bladeroom boss Paul Rogers, whose CV includes designing industrial kitchens. He and engineering partner Red Engineering Design ended up building what's …


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  1. Ryan Kendall

    thats a fair bit of water

    So it's cooled from mains water

    Why am I getting the image of green algae covering the walls?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Algae? Legionella

      Still, it is better to cool down this way than using "traditional" systems.

      Better still: use servers that resist more heat.. and/or release less heat..

  2. jake Silver badge

    Swamp coolers?

    Not in MY data center!

    Who are these clowns?

  3. James 100


    "In addition, standby generators incorporate heaters to warm lubricants and water in winter, which between them push efficency down to its final figure of 1.13."

    Hmm... if only they had a building nearby full of electrical equipment which produced warm air as a byproduct...

  4. Chris 211

    24 deg

    I live my life in data centres and actually like the coolness, I'd hate to work in a 'warm' data centre. What about these data centres that are moving underground like in Spring Quarry under corsham, the site of the ex PM nuke bunker....

  5. Conrad2010

    Nothing wrong with evaporative cooling!

    I wouldn’t have thought these guys would have an issue with legionella, their company background is in the design and build of operating theatres:

    Open body surgery is about the only area I can think of that requires even stricter control and filtration of air than a data centre.

    From what I know of evaporative coolers, they all use a high level of bacteria disinfecting & filtration (you will struggle to buy one that isn’t).

    I don’t think they even use that much water as they are re-circulated and disinfected constantly, only flushing every so often.

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