back to article Wannabe Jedi drool over potent laser 'lightsabre'

Those of you who fancy playing Star Wars or who have a currently unarmed shark knocking about the house might be interested in the Wicked Lasers Spyder III Pro Arctic - a real-life "lightsabre" capable of inflicting some serious damage: The Spyder III Pro Arctic The maker explains that it whipped the direct blue laser diode …


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  1. Steve the Cynic

    Not very dangerous after all...

    Well, not unless you are an eye, that is. 1W is not going to set much of anything on fire, but would be seriously dangerous if shone in your eye.


    1. Naughtyhorse

      I' match your fail and raise you another

      1W of laser light will do plenty of damage to all manner of things, admittedly it would be even more narsty if it was UV, but still.

      take a lok on youtube for the fun and games that can be had with conventional high power pointers, plenty of sparks and flames.

      bootnote i still bear the scars acros my torso that came about when being a little less than careful with a 5W co2 medical laserm which was not a pleasant experience.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    The future is now..

    Things that look slightly like metal penises with all buttons and that on them, and have, like, all light and shit shooting out the end? That gives me the horn something rotten.

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    "Gatso be-gone"? :) LOL

  4. Haku


    Forget lightsabers, need to get some sharks for those fricken lasers!

  5. Robert Ramsay


    Everyone knows that a REAL Jedi has to make his own lightsabre!

    It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

  6. LuMan

    Surely, no need to worry

    If all budding Jedi run out to buy one of these they'll only use it for the power of good anyway. So there's nothing to worry about.

    Of course, if they made one with a RED laser all hell would let loose.....

  7. Anonymous Coward

    warning sign on japanese 1 Watt laser

    truly, it said:

    "do not stare into laser beam with remaining eye"

  8. The Original Ash

    Oh, I can't wait...

    Apparently it;s $197 +shipping and tax. That's a 1MW laser for less than a mid-range mobile phone.

    Instant and irrecoverable retinal damage without eye protection, even from dispersed light, recommended optical density of 4.4+ (1/40000th brightness transmitted).

    These should not be available on the internet.

    1. Ian Stephenson

      6 orders of magnitude....

      Umm... its >>1 Watt << laser not a >>1MW<< laser slight difference between burn out your eyes and burn out your eyes through the back of your head and the engine block you're leaning against.

      Given current battery technology I don't think you could have a hand portable unit capable of outputting 1,000,000 Js^-1 at all let alone without exploding due to shock...

  9. Anonymous Coward

    A sense of relief

    I was worried about the dangers of this thing at first. However, I then realised that the buyers would be sensible, rational people in need of an industrial laser for practical purposes and not a bunch of brain dead morons on a fast track to A&E and permanent retina damage.

    Still, if we're looking for practical purposes, provided this thing is waterproof, it may have potential for the evil genius on a budget. Low power laser equipped dogfish, perhaps?

  10. Ian Stephenson

    Horrendously dangerous?

    Kitchen knives are horrendously dangerous,

    Aluminium powder mixed with iron oxide (both readily available) are horrendously dangerous,

    Motor vehicles are horrendously dangerous,

    Ditto: power/hand tools, sticks, glassware, staircases, ... the list is endless.

    Cool though, could put the death back in "death by powerpoint"

  11. Anonymous John

    that can burn skin, cut through plastic and ignite matches

    Strike a match and use it to burn skin, or even cut through thin plastic.

    Much cheaper.

  12. qwertyuiop
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    We need to know!

    Is it waterproof? Can I buy a harness to fit it to my sharks?

  13. Graham Bartlett

    Warning sticker needed

    "Do not look into laser with remaining eye"

    Anyway, surely it's not a lightsabre unless you can parry someone else's lightsabre with it. (Buzzy noises optional - after all, you can make the noises yourself, like Ewan Macgregor did.)

  14. Edwin
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    Honesty in advertising

    I think they should have a chat with Boeing about who has the most potent portable laser system.

    Well, for a given value of portability, anyway.

    Another gadget that should by definition not be sold to anyone who wishes to buy it.

  15. Aquilus

    My leg is twitching...

    BAN THEM IMMEDIATELY! Or terrorists will be using them to bring down planes whilst pedophiles lure in children from miles around.

  16. Ed Blackshaw Silver badge

    Umm, if they sell this to anyone for use as a weapon

    *Are they aware that the use of lasers as blinding weapons is explicitly forbidden by the United Nations, thus the authorities in their country of origin should restrict their export, since they could be used as such:


  17. Elmer Phud
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    My Christmas list just got another addition

    "Under no circumstances should they be on sale on the internet."

    Best advert ever.

  18. PirateSlayer

    No brainer

    Make possession or importation of these dangerous items the same as importing a gun or having possession of a gun...simple.

    If it is an offensive weapon, it should (and probably will) be subject to the same criminal codes as others.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is a 1 watt laser which is so weak it could only cut through a thin piece of cardboard after maybe 30 seconds.

    When they start selling proper light industrial 20 - 40 watt lasers in hand held units like this I'll be a bit more concerned.

    1. Dave 32


      As someone who has stared into the business end of a 20 Watt Argon laser [1][2], I certainly don't want to be staring into this beast, even if it is only 1 Watt.

      [1] Fortunately, the 20 Watt Argon laser was being wielded by a VERY talented ophthalmic surgeon. And, even 150 milliSecond pulses were enough to burn pits into my retina (Standard treatment for a detached retina now[3]). I've even got some nice retinal photographs that show the scaring (Looks sort of like a planet after a bout of phasering.).

      But, trust me, you don't want that kind of scaring unless there's no other alternative.

      [2] Which produces the most brilliant, most pure green light you can imagine, at

      something like 1,000,000 times as bright as the sun.

      [3] Yeah, the vitrectomy was cool, too. Look it up if you dare. ;-)

      I seem to remember, though, that importation of such devices is restricted into the USA, due to rules from the FDA(?).


    2. Anonymous Coward


      Check out and look under (I'm serious) "death ray parts". They sell 1000 watt lasers. And if that wasn't dangerous enough already, they're *invisible* CO2 lasers.

      Okay, they're not exactly hand-held. But you could probably make a nice Ghost Busters style backpack setup.

      1. Naughtyhorse

        Jesus! you must be like garths big brother!

        AFAIK the current state of the art in CO2 lasers run at about 20% efficient. so your 1kW backpack (and having seen a 600W co2 laser - about the size of 2 filing cabinets - back pack is pushing it somewhat) would need a 5kW supply. the thickness of the cables would severly limit 'portability' even if the 1000 odd kg of back pack didn't


        nice idea though

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton


      Not 1000W, 100W. My bad.

  20. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    It can ignite matches...

    But I can do that already, with just matches... That's sort of the point of the things.

    I think I'll wait until the tech's a bit more mature, and Apple bring out the iZap - and then get one of those.

  21. Hugh Jorgen

    This should be interesting......

    Something tells me we're about to have a cleansing of the gene pool..........

    I can't wait for the first twisted puppy to show this to his/her friends (ok, they probably don't have 'friends' per se, more a clump of equally friendless freaks brought together by some mysterious force normal people reflect away...)

    Freak buddy #1 'Show me what it does'

    Freak 'look, it burns skin...oww'

    Freak buddy #2 'What can it do..'

    Freak 'look, it burns skin...oww'

    Freak buddy #3 'What's that for...'

    Freak 'look, it burns skin...oww'

    Freak buddy #4 'cool, a lightsaber, how powerful is it?'

    Freak '*sob* I don't wanna show you......*sniffle*

  22. Bassey

    The real reason

    Of course, this product doesn't actually exist. All that happens is, whenever someone places an order for one, the government send "the boys" around to their house and remove their bollocks. It's really just a method of selecting those who should never be allowed to breed.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      <quote>All that happens is, whenever someone places an order for one, the government send "the boys" around to their house and remove their bollocks. It's really just a method of selecting those who should never be allowed to breed.</quote>

      Maybe bollocks means something different on the other side of the pond, but in the US, we don't use bollocks to reproduce.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

        Bollocks = testicles. Males can't reproduce without them.

        So, tell me, what are bollocks in the US?

      2. Allan George Dyer
        Paris Hilton

        If you don't use testicles...

        WHAT the hell are you using?

        Twain was right.

  23. frank ly


    Does it make the 'whoom-whoom' sound? After you've blinded your opponent, the sound will be the only sporting chance they have.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear

    "Colton warned of potentially dire consequences if it was pointed at aircraft or car drivers."

    So what's the first thing people are now going to do when they get one of these?

    1. adnim

      So what's the first...

      hopefully look down the end to see how it works.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pfffft, Lightsabre my arse....

    1W - HAH!

    Do they do a 2W version that they think is the fucking Death Star?


  26. hplasm


    To set nanny's drawers alight.

    Truly a most elegant weapon...


  27. rpjs

    When lightsabres are banned...

    ...only criminals will have lightsabres!

  28. Fatman
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    Wannabe Jedi Knights Rejoice

    Interesting tool for use in administering the compulsory frontal lobotomy that is required with a promotion to senior (or is that SENILE???) management.

    Also, the perfect tool for use in `termination of said senior (or is that SENILE???) management in the event the company they run tanks.

    We need a new icon, Off With The Head`.

  29. Anonymous Coward

    Laser safety expert ?

    since a 'laser safety expert' wants this banned, my order is in already

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This isn't . . .

    . . . the light sabre you're looking for! <finger gesture>

  31. The BigYin

    Is it a weapon?

    Because if it is, there must be a host of existing laws that it would fall under (sales, transport and possession). Then again, we live in a country that gets its panties in a bundle over kids having pen knives and yet sells fighter jets and other weapons to fascist dictatorships.

  32. moopy

    "horrendously dangerous"? Yes, but...

    ... if you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

  33. Eddy Ito

    But will it blend?

    Personally I'm waiting for one that will replace my chefs knife and not look like a silly movie prop.

  34. RichD


    Where's my waterproof one with shark mounting attachment?

  35. Green Lantern

    Operating a Class 4 Laser without Eye Protection

    It is the risk of retinal burn for the user and those around them that is major problem. At this power level simply looking at the laser spot on a normal non-reflective surface may cause a permanient loss of vision. Never mind a specular reflection from a window or actually shiny thing!

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wankers will buy these

    I was walking in Birmingham when I was flashed with a laser pointer by a man in the passenger seat of a passing 08-reg Audi 4WD - unfortunately I didn't get the full registration because I instinctively closed my eyes and turned away. The whole world instantly goes bright green and it's very frightening.

    I hate to think what that tosser would do with one of these - presumably they could they cause permanent serious eye damage? If so, these ought to go on the UK prohibited list like guns, Samurai swords and ordinary laser pointers.

    Rant over.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      @Wankers will buy these

      Yes - a 1W visible laser will cause permanent eye damage before you can blink.

      ps. The difference between this and a kitchen knife is you can't sit on a motorway bridge with a kitchen knife and crash every car that goes underneath it.

    2. Wize

      Filter lenses?

      How long before we can get "sunglasses" that notch filter out the frequencies of these lasers? Would make flying a plane or driving a car a whole lot safer.

  37. Anonymous Coward

    Oh... it's legal to sell a thousand laser pointers, but not legal to sell one light sabre as powerful as a thousand laser pointers?


  38. ElReg!comments!Pierre

    Like A Thousand Theater Screens Screaming Out At Once Then Being Silenced

    Damn kids

  39. Chris Dupont

    I'm completely in favour of this device with one proviso

    Ownership comes with a waver that any member of public can gouge out one of the owner's eyes with a rusty spoon at any time.

  40. adnim

    I am a little curious

    as to what uses, other than destruction, would the general public put this device to?

    A laser pointer that permanently marks the screen, and anything in between?

    from wicked lasers:

    "Our average Wicked Laser customer is a laser hobbyist who wants a laser to use for entertainment."

    Ah I get it now.... cue The Jam

  41. Lawz

    High power lasers for the general public? Not a good idea

    I like dangerous toys as much as the next guy, but this is going too far.

    All the dire warnings from Wicked Lasers will do is encourage criminals even more in buying the device for nefarious purposes, and I hardly need to list what those nefarious purposes might be.

    It's worrying how easily available this gizmo is. It is possible to make a burning laser at home, yes, but the difference is you need some technical knowledge and determination to to do that. Also the CD burner diodes rarely go up to 1 watt, which is a scary amount of power by anyone's standards.

    This laser is, IMO, more dangerous than a knife, sword or other contact weapon due to the 'danger range' of a collimated 1 watt beam. This is practically mil-grade equipment, which is (incidentally) banned under the Geneva Convention if used in a battlefield situation.

    Next time you want to light a barbecue, just use matches. It's safer.

    Lawrence Alexander

  42. Tinal
    Thumb Up

    I bought one

    Apparently it's gonna be at least another week before these things ship out from what their support people have told me. I believe part of the reason why they are allowed to get away with selling it is because it's actually not quite 1W (it is even marketed as "<1W"), at least here in Canada any laser under 1W doesn't really require anything to own.

    Industrial laser? Heh, the diodes for these things came out of a cheapy Casio projector meant for home entertainment.

    I have drawn up a practical list of what the average person can and cannot do with this laser:

    Things it can do:

    Detach retinas at 200+ meters

    Light cigarettes

    Make the annoying dog next door go away, permanently

    Pop balloons from a distance (hehehehe)

    Cut cardboard/paper/cloth

    Light campfires from a safe distance

    Many many more fun things! Get one for your kids! (j/k)

    Ignite thermite

    Cook your dinner

    Melt just about anything made out of plastic or rubber

    Fish (it's waterproof!)

    Cauterize small wounds

    Things it can't do:

    Blow up Alderaan

    Cut open Tauntauns

    Cut metal (but it will heat it up)

    Take the hobbits to Isengard

    Your laundry


  43. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    A decent laser for the hobbyist.

    Mines ordered.

  44. Johnny Canuck
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    Oh come on!

    Didn't your mother warn you that playing with that thing will make you go blind? Hand icon for obvious reasons.

  45. Caff


    I wonder if the laser would be able to knock out the sensors on cctv cameras? If so I can imagine more "productive" uses for this other than crashing cars and making a nusince.

  46. Dana W
    Thumb Down

    I'll pass.

    I like my retinas. I'll stick with my Glock 36. Its WAY safer than this. I had to train to get a permit and show a spotless record. But anybody with money can get this.

    Can you picture whats going to happen the first time someone decides to bring one of these to concert or takes a poke in the face at a politician with one? If you want one, get it NOW. No way this will last.

    These would be fine in the hands of sane, trained and rational adults, but I'm betting they are NOT the target market.

  47. Stuart Halliday

    Take a reality check

    It's not a Lightsaber, it's a laser.

    As such you can't see the beam unless there is smoke in the beam's path.

    So the potential Jedi is going to have to carry around a bottle of smoke with them. Hardly cool is it?

  48. Stuart Halliday

    Here Kitty kitty...

    Is it my imagination or is there a LOT of blind cats around these days....

  49. Mark 152

    Title? I don't need no stinking title!

    My vote for the quote of the day to Lawz for

    ''I like dangerous toys as much as the next guy, but this is going too far.''

    The farce is strong with this one...

  50. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    1W = 1000mW

    My 55mW green laser can light a ciggie, put a spot on a cloud and permanently blind you before you can blink. I've seen an opticians image of a (apx 50mW) laser burn - not pretty.

    I remember using mine for about 10 mins, no specular reflections caught me - but I saw red for a while!!!

    I've got nothing against them and it annoys me that some people assume I'm off to the next motorway bridge with it.

    But a 1000mW - that's a LOT. Anybody who wants to cause mischeif with it will probably blind themselves before they get a chance. Doesn't take much! Shouldn't be sold as a toy!!!

  51. Anonymous John

    Jedi Match Trick?

    This isn't the way of lighting a cigarette you were expecting.

  52. Robert Hill

    NO NO NO...

    This should not be on sale, and I say that as someone who is colour-blind from owning my own laser light show in high school, and having two accidents with the same eye. Thankfully it was a moving beam, and I managed to keep most of my vision.

    HOWEVER - I can see one use for this that may be legitimate. Sailors and boaters ARE desperately looking for a signalling device that can replace parachute flares. One of this, with a beam dispersal setting or beam scanning device may be just the ticket..

    On the other hand, for the price of this you can buy an PLB or EPIRB....

  53. Inachu


    Sounds too cool to be true but I wonder if this could be used as a self defense weapon instead of buying a gun?

    This way if my home does get invaded then all i need to do is point this at the criminals nuts.

  54. Mos Eisley Spaceport

    Try try this in Oz

    "An ultra high-powered hand held 'lightsaber' on sale to anyone with a spare $230 could land would-be Jedi Knights with a $110,000 fine from Australian customs or severe retinal damage."

    $230 = $198 US

  55. Eden
    Black Helicopters

    Immediate response

    Me and my mate both had the same response - Want to get one now before they are banned, using a "Neutral" address and payment info of course just in case...

    Neither of us can think of anything to actually USE the damn thing for....we just want it...

    Sure you can use it as to light cigs, the problem being you'd have to be 100 meters away and a bloody good shot, maybe using a lesser red pointer to aim the big ......wait....I've just had an idea.......

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