back to article iPhone 4 no longer available to UK buyers?

Ordered your iPhone 4 yet? Tough - you've already missed the boat, if this afternoon's latest missive from Apple is to be believed. The firm's online emporium has been creaking all day since it started offering the faithful the chance to pre-order the iPhone 4. One Reg reader reported that it took him just under two hours to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I don't know what you're talking about. I've just been to the Apple store and put 2 32GB phones in the shopping basket.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Erm yes

      The story said they are back, go back and read again...

  2. The_Police!


    No, seriously!

    You would think that Apple would have thought about making the ordering process a lot easier but guess not.

    I guess there is an app for that.


  3. Rob 50
    Dead Vulture


    Web site develops slight fault under strain.. This must mean the end of the world!

  4. Kenny Millar
    Dead Vulture

    Works for me.

    Available for shipping 24th June.

  5. John Smith 23

    ???? seems to be working fine

    not sure where el-reg went but it does not say unavailble on the uk apple store.

    just all as normal - pre-order

  6. NX1977
    Jobs Horns

    Jobs' fainboi's love it!

    They love being controlled and bowing to Apple's every command.

    I can imagine the majority of fanboi's having the local iDominatrix on speed dial, an iGimp mask and willing to do anything they're told to.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Two words


    1. Annihilator Silver badge

      You, clearly

      Or you care enough to read the article (or at the very least click on it), scroll to the bottom, and leave a comment.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Clearly, you do?

      Why else read the article and post?

  8. Matthew Anderson

    Breaking news

    And elsewhere in the world, spammers linked to ell reg bring down site momentarily.

  9. MarkRBowyer

    It's the new iPhone 4 Dock you need to watch

    I ordered it for £25, but when I went back to check, as it then said that it was going to take a month to deliver, and they'd hold my whole order until it was ready, I saw this:

    And that's £10,000 for a plastic dock *before* VAT. My emailed receipt also says:

    Number Product Description Quantity Price


    MC596ZM/A IPHONE 4 DOCK-ZML 1 10,000.00

    Total: £ 10,021.28

    Shipping Cost:

    VAT @17.50%: £ 1,753.72

    Order Total: £ 11,775.00

    ... So I cancelled it, just to be sure =O}

  10. Rupert Stubbs

    Time for an apologia...

    Is working just fine now - pre-ordered a black 32Gb no problem.

  11. Is it me?

    I don't know how I'll survive...

    ...without one. Oh wait yes I do.

  12. Anonymous Coward


    St Jobs says what you can and can't run on the phone, so it's hardly surprising he says when you can and can't order it. This week only odd minutes past the hour.

    Won't be long before he tells you when you can and can't use it... Oh hang on, the battery life already does that for you... Not after 4PM!

  13. OrsonX
    Jobs Horns

    The best way to hype a product to make it 'unavailable'

    Just like the Wii was unavailable, yet could be purchased everywhere.

  14. Mike Quinn
    Thumb Down


    Pre-Ordered an iPhone that was advertised through the whole order process as being delivered ON 24th June but when my credit card details had been taken the Apple site informed me that I would be receiving my phone on 6th July. Am I correct in stating that Apple have got some history in delaying delivery to the UK and missing their promises?

    1. Simon Says

      It's the bumpers...

      You will probably find it is the bumpers (or possibly another accessory) that is delaying the estimated dispatch. If you delete those items from the order it should then show that the iPhone 4 will be dispatched in time for delivery on the 24th.

      Oh and I think the confusion over availability stems from the two different methods Apple is offering. Full pre-orders (that you pay for upfront and which get delivered to you on the 24th) are still fine, but "reserve and collect" (which is simply asking your local Apple store to keep one for you that you then go and pay for on the day) are "sold out". Presumably they were only allowing a limited number to be set aside in each store (especially as no advance monetary commitment needs to be made on the part of the person doing the reserving) and they are wanting to make sure people could just turn up on the day and have a half decent chance at picking one up.

  15. PerfectBlue


    It never ceases to amaze me how every time an "Apple" related story comes out it seems to bring all of the Apple haters out of the woodwork.

    Can't you just give it a rest for five minutes. Apple's fallible, their products are restrictive and expensive, and their fans have a certain stalkerish quality about them. We get it, OK . Enough already.

    The iPhone4 is a new and desirable product, and customers in the US have first call on it. It's hardly surprising that there nay be some teething trouble. This happens more than you might think (Remember all of the problems with ordering Windows 7? Like when they shipped all of those student a 64bit CD but didn't make it clear that it would only work if they already had the 64bit version of XP) , but it gets a lot of publicity when it's Apple.

  16. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

    The truth of it all

    Black unavailable, white unavailable... just like that girl of fanboi's dreams.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Shiny thing to make it all better....


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