back to article Clamshell dinner – Jobs and iPad munch netbook sales

Yes, the iPad will munch the netbook market, according to research firm DisplaySearch. With a new report released on Tuesday, DisplaySearch says that Apple shipped 700,000 iPads into the channel during Q1, accounting for 6.5 per cent of the combined netbook-tablet market by volume, and in Q2, the firm says, that share will …


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  1. Pedro S

    Spectacularly idiotic comment

    "Apple has ported their successful iPhone app business model to the iPad. Android-based phones followed in their footsteps and will surely do the same with slates. The result will be that buyers of slates will be able to take advantage of this a la carte software model, adding only the functionality they want on their devices."

    This is a new model. This is because when you get a PC you have a fixed menu of software and must download every single one of the millions of bits of software for the PC.

  2. GrandpaChris
    Paris Hilton

    iPad therfore iAm

    Look the iPad makes it simple to look into the Internet. Most of the worlds people are simple. (I'm waiting for generation two before buying one for my wife.)

    Paris because she understands KISSir.

  3. Mage Silver badge

    a la carte software model?

    We have had that since the 1970s.

    The Microcomputer AKA PC since 1981.

    All Netbooks etc.

    It's only Internet tablet "wannabees" that are really personal media players that don't have "The result will be that buyers of slates will be able to take advantage of this a la carte software model, adding only the functionality they want on their devices."

    And actually you can only add the functionality that Goopple permit.

  4. Sebastian Brosig

    a la carte software model

    what they mean is, people enjoy the convenience of one (and only one) app store that has a unified installer model, is "safe", and is billed centrally.

    They could have the same thing from Ubuntu or Debian, or others, well, minus the "centrally billed" bit, since it's all free. You can see straighht away that it's a non0-starter because people need to pay something before they believe they have got anything good.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    This can't be right. Reg readers have already told us how useless the iPad is and how it cannot possibly compete with netbooks.

    What's the point of studying sales figures if it comes up with the wrong result? Amateurs!

  6. Tim Almond

    3rd Month Sales

    3.5 million? I'm looking at browser share statistics which are showing almost no growth outside of product launch weekends. In fact, last week the iPad actually lost a little browser share. My guess is that iPad is selling less than 0.5 million/month.

    I'll be proved wrong if Apple release figures after month 3. If they don't, you can be sure that it's not actually the next big thing.

  7. Graham Bartlett

    What's it competing with again?

    What do people want netbooks for? Answer: small, cheap, portable, low-power computing.

    The iPad fits small and portable. It manages low-power computing, although its inability to walk and chew gum at the same time is worrying. But one thing it most certainly is *NOT* is cheap. To quote the Apple store, "Now starting at £429". The Samsung netbook I bought my wife (who on a computing level really is as simple as they get) cost me half that, and it wasn't even the cheapest one out there. For the price of an iPad I could get a not-half-bad laptop. You'd have to *really* want that touchscreen interface.

  8. Willum08
    Jobs Horns

    So that's where they went.....

    Quote " DisplaySearch says that Apple shipped 700,000 iPads into the channel during Q1"

    Would that be The English Channel ? (For the uninitiated - it's the stretch of water between the South of England and France) Good place for them.......

    Give me a Netbook every time rather than an overpriced 'Fondle Slab'

  9. Bsquared
    Jobs Horns

    Am I missing something here?

    Does an iPad have a keyboard? No? Well, bollocks to that, then. I use a netbook to take notes and type docs when I'm away at meetings. I can't watch the presenter and tap on a Fondle Slab touchscreen at the same time, unless I want my notes to get all fuc7djhuyel;tm sfupid bl8ody iPsd.......

    I'm sure iPad will munch a fair chunk of the market, but the rumours of netbook death have been greatly exaggerated.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      "Does an iPad have a keyboard?"

      Er, yes. It supports multiple keyboards, including app-specific ones. That's one of the advantages of a *touch-screen* device: its UI can change to one that best suits the application. (E.g. when you're entering an email address or URL, most apps will add a ".com" button to the on-screen keyboard.)

      Yes, it's a touch-screen keyboard, but it's still a keyboard. I'm a writer by trade and find it pretty usable for some of my work.

      If you absolutely must have a mechanical keyboard, you can connect *any* Bluetooth-capable keyboard to the device. It'll even work with a suitably adapted Remington typewriter from the 1940s.

      The idea is that, when you don't *need* a keyboard, you're not forced to carry one with you regardless.

      Most people are primarily consumers. If you're an El Reg reader, chances are you don't come under the heading "most people", so your opinion, derived as it is from a position of shocking ignorance given how much coverage the device has had, is irrelevant.

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