back to article Microsoft and Oracle lose among open sourcers

Microsoft and Oracle are losing out to Linux and MySQL while cloud computing's not exactly taking off, according to the latest survey of Eclipse users. The number of those building software using a PC running Linux has grown by thirteen percentage points in three years to almost a third, while those using a machine running …


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  1. toor

    Key phrase "Eclipse developers"

    I think you might have reasonable grounds to argue that "Eclipse developers" have a fair bias towards open source. When I use Eclipse I'm mostly either doing Java or PHP I'm not even sure you can use it for say .net or classic ASP for example. As to Oracle, accepting the above argument you're basically asking "What database do most open source developers use?" and is anyone surprised that MySQL would come out on top?

  2. Tom 7 Silver badge

    If you asked VisualStudio users

    they'd say MSN

  3. pan2008


    SQL Server and Oracle are by far the most popular database for serious projects . You are probably talking here about web development using Eclipse and need 2-3 tables in the database and having a budget of £1000 max.

    1. Daniel B.


      I thought that DB2 and Sybase had even a larger share than MS SQL Server. The only guys that get stuck with SQL Server are those who were saddled with .net projects; the rest of us prefer using non-MS-biased DBMSen.

      That said, I'd rather use PostgreSQL than MySQL; the fact that an RDBMS was originally built without things like transactions and referential integrity makes me weary of them; especially when their early documentation seemed to trash basic ACID concepts as useless.

      1. Keith Wingate
        Thumb Up

        Looking to the future

        You've also got to wonder where Oracle will take this (currently free) up & coming threat to its expensive flagship database. Given that, and the object-oriented extensions, and the Oracle-compatibility layer provided as a hedge (enterprisedb), PostgreSQL is looking like a better choice all the time.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'Classic ASP'

    As opposed to neo-classic ASP or neo-Grec ASP I assume?

    Although the 'American Empire' style might be more appropriate.

  5. David Dawson

    Developing RIA

    using C/C++.

    Sorry ... I don't follow.....

    are you completely sure about that ... ?

  6. apexwm
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    Title is misleading...

    Oracle IS a partial open source company now, so effectively I wonder how they are actually losing since they have MySQL now which is growing. Microsoft is in their own world of proprietary software so it's no doubt that they are losing here. I think the slow economy has forced companies to re-address their spending and find more efficient alternatives like Linux and open source. Just what the doctor ordered.

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    Cloud computing is a wank anyway.

    Cloud Computing?

    It's nice only after you have your own PC with all the software on it, and an uninteruptable power supply....

    The last time some dick ran a back hoe through a big fibre optic cable in Bumfuck Australia, half the country was out for about 3 weeks.

    Cloud Computing - it's great WHEN it's working.

    And when it's not? Not so great.

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