back to article Can the cloud hold off data deluge?

An article in CIO Magazine takes a look at a 2007 report from IDC (sponsored by EMC) estimating that the size of all digital data will grow by something like 1.2 million petabytes from 2009 to 2010, and will grow an astounding 44x by 2020; the number of individual files will increase by 67x. Even though the report is sponsored …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    Do any schools teach logic anymore?

    "He goes on to discuss the IT implications and makes a case that cloud adoption will have to be significantly higher than supposed, because organizations simply can’t afford to add the storage and personnel necessary to keep pace."

    So his "cloud" is going to make sense to TheGreatUnwashed[tm] ... Somehow, I doubt it. He can get back to me when IBM, HP, google, yahoo, bing, & etc are all calling on each other to share computing resources.

    Until then ... clouds are vaporware, invented by technologically incompetent marketers.

    1. Simon Beck


      Then our MAS system is just a figment of my imagination then? WOW!

  2. jake Silver badge

    @Simon Beck

    "Then our MAS system is just a figment of my imagination then?"

    What's "MAS" when it's at home?

    Mozilla Application Suite? Macintosh Application Services? Media Application Server? Micro-Architecture Specification? Multi Agent System? Mobile Access Service?

    Maybe Microsoft AntiSpyware? That was useless ... But marketing sold it to management anyway.


    Indeed. Enjoy your goolaide ... but for me, no mas.

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