back to article Free open source satnav comes to UK iPhones

Skobbler, the no-cost open source satnav app, is now available to UK iPhone owners. In its native Germany, the app has been the most downloaded program of its kind for the last six months, the developer - also called Skobbler - claimed. Skobbler's pitch is providing turn-by-turn navigation based on maps sourced from …


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  1. Stu

    Great little freebie

    Pretty sweet app, although I did notice that if my 3G connection dropped off, or it lost the connection to their servers via whatever way, then you're essentially booted out of the application with a 'you must have an active internet connection to use this software' message, and it didn't let me use the app until I got a connection back.

    This is no good if you're out and about and lose your connection! Mind you I was browsing the manual at the time, lets hope it doesn't do it whilst navigating.

    Sure you'll need a connection to download the local area roadmap, but you'd expect it to cache it for whole journeys. In fact its chucking me out pretty often on 3G.

    It doesn't behave anything like your traditional satnav software either, its a bit backwards in that it doesn't just present you with a browsable map until you enter a destination and you have a locked GPS, which is a bit odd.

    Still, can't complain, its free, I would imagine the paid-for version doesn't moan as much??

  2. karabuni

    Closed StreetMap?

    Hope it doesn't rely on Open StreetMap in real time, as it says it's down for maintenance (09.55).

    Still, at least OSM can be corrected, which is more than can be said for maps based on Tele Atlas (even if you do tell them).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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