back to article Philips SHQ3000 washable earphones

The SHQ3000s sit in the middle of a new range of earphones from Philips aimed at the active user who is likely to expose his or her 'phones to the mud, sweat and possibly tears of strenuous outdoor activity - and the resultant clean up. Philips SHQ 3000 Philips' SHQ3000: ear, ear I'm not generally a fan of ear-clip …


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  1. Code Monkey

    Look like a good bet

    I find that "gym earphones" tend to be a combination of grossly uncomfortable and too fragile. Has someone finally got it right?

  2. Efros

    99.8% dead

    Leaving that 0.2% to grow stronger and mutate into some teratogenic trigger. Loudhailer as that's what you'll need after a severe inner ear infection.

  3. Matthew LaShure

    Now all we need

    Is a washable iPod to go with this.

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