back to article Cheeky Chinese punt mini Android-based iPad

Personally, I like my iPad, but I can well see why rather a lot of folk would prefer something that's more compact, can take phone calls and runs Android. Enter Chinese knock-off merchants who this morning emailed Reg Hardware with the following tasty item. It's a 7in, Android 1.5-based "Mini notebook tablet laptop MID" that …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Who may ever want iPad, if they can have Apad? A *truly* magical device.

  2. PerfectBlue


    I must admit that I'd quite like one as a web browsing device at that price. Not bad given the system spec. I wonder what the battery life is like?

    Shame about the minimum order number of 100.

  3. Peter 70

    I was hoping for more from El Reg.

    Those have been on eBay for ages; it's not news.

    I was hoping for more from El Reg.

    Like a review: is this a viable use of £100?

    'Cus I've been looking at them on eBay for ages and wondering that.

  4. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

    Keep up.

    These have been around on eBay for a couple of months. There are even some people who claim to ship them from the UK rather than Hong Kong or Singapore.

    There are videos on YouTube of them in use, although they appear to have Android 1.6 or 1.7. Seem slick enough, and to my mind, are a much more usable size that the iPad.

  5. Mr Brush


    Love the back to front keyboard. However, as the battery/signal indicator is also on the wrong side I'm guessing photoshoop fail.

    Anyway, more importantly, 1.5!!! Cupcake!!! Why? Does FroYo not handle arse about face keyboard layouts?

  6. max allan

    Old news...

    They've been selling things like this on DealExtreme for a while now. They've even been on hotukdeals. There's a couple of different styles more or less iPad like, although all around 7".

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Who is the manufacturer?

    Is this the Eken M003 ? If so, they are already available in the UK in the bay of E pretty cheaply. Cheaper still is the M001.

  8. Swoop

    Mirror image keyboard?

    There's an app for that!

    1. JaitcH

      So the photo was reversed.

      Obviously the Chinese artist who prepared the copy couldn't read English. All it requires is for the artwork to be reversed.

  9. Paul_Murphy

    Re the keyboard

    Can't you use a horizontally flipped picture of the Apad instead - it will be around the right way then.

    Good spec for the price - will it fit in my pocket? play music? read ebooks? and whats the battery life please?


    1. JaitcH

      Battery life?

      Judging from my units the battery life is around 4.5-5.5H.

  10. Yorkshirepudding
    Jobs Horns


    it might be more useful when people start hacking it...

  11. LuMan

    Only half back to front.

    It's not even a fully back-to-front keyboard at that! The A,X,W,V,T,Y,U,H,M,I and O keys are all the right way round.

    I dunno - 'alf a bloody job!

  12. Tim Jenkins

    If you're going to base 'news' on dubious emails

    perhaps you could also inform fellow readers that I am currently in possession of US $100 million dollars belonging to a deceased client ....

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Trading standards

    How will trading standards react to UK vendors of these devices? Would they classify them as counterfeit?

    Have they got the necessary safety certifications (CE, et al)? I'd not want to leave somethign to charge overnight if there was a chance that a shoddily made charger and/or battery incinerating my house and/or me.

    Can you legally sell stuff that's not been CE certified?

    1. JaitcH
      Thumb Down

      CE, UL, etc only applies to power bricks

      After reading your comment I checked all the Chinese tablets I have and all have compliant power blocks and apart from the fact they have American or European 2-pin plugs they meet UK requirements.

      As for batteries incinerating people/things - check back on Apples smoky record!

  14. JaitcH

    Hardly 'stolen' or 'knocked off'

    How can anyone steal or knock off a design months ahead of Apples iCrap? The OS is different, the PCB is different, the functionality is different. In reality Apple copied these products that have been around since 2010 JAN.

    Last week I received 2 tablets from Zenzhen and they were different to each other. Both had Chinese characters in their names (one also had RK2808 in the name).

    I spent the weekend in Zenzhen and picked up 5 more tablets, all different in design and feature although there is commonality in components and some of the software. None had Android v2+ and therefore I would recommend those people not in SE Asia buy from a supplier within your country so you can get warranty service but ONLY after they load V2+.

    Chinese products can be crappy from a reliability perspective. For myself it is simply crossing the border. That said the units I bought had mature PCB designs with zero mods, added components or jumpers. Software can be loaded through mini-USB connectors and external screens can be run from some tablets.

    Even though Apple hit the market months after these units, it failed to add the many neat features these early bloomers had working 5 months early than Jobs did. You can actually use some of these tablets as a game controller playing on an external monitor. The Apple tablet is a missed opportunity - unless you want to sell annual 'upgrades' as has happened with the crippled IpHONE.

    Manuals tend to be written in Chinglish, with poor illustrations. Three units have soft manuals loaded and further copies on the InterNet. Even schematics are shown. However, the unit operations are intuitive and my son has figured out the operation in under an hour.

    1. Sean Timarco Baggaley

      Oh dear. Got out the wrong side of bed this morning did we sir?

      "How can anyone steal or knock off a design months ahead of Apples iCrap?"

      The iPad's coming was known about a long time before it actually appeared on shelves. Jobs himself announced it officially way back in January. The Chinese—who are also manufacturing the iPad itself—are not known for their strong, unwavering support of intellectual property rights, so the appearance of umpteen knock-offs is no great shock. The same situation occurs whenever a new version of the iPhone is announced too.

      Apple were working on the iPad before the iPhone, so no, they weren't ripping off anyone. The iPad was always the next logical move from the ageing Mac OS user experience. The iPhone and iPod Touch were just easier to bring to market. (They also served as a form of user education, getting people used to the touch-based UI the iPad needed.)

      These Chinese rip-off merchants are merely doing what they're good at: leeching off the R&D work of others.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Did you actually read the comment?

        The majority of JaitcH's comment was a critique of Chinese pads, stating that the majority are NOTHING LIKE THE iPad, were obviously in development and available BEFORE the release of the iPad and have more innovative features.

        Which side of the bed did you get out of?

      2. JaitcH

        Knowledge of a product isn't copying

        There are surprisingly few identical characteristics between the Chinese tablets and Apple other than the concept which is like saying a Toyota is a knock-off of a Rolls ioyce because they both have wheels, and engine and a people compartment..

        Jobs might have announced his latest box in January BUT the Chinese had product on the shelves.. Living next door to China I am well aware of their respect of IP rights so your proposition that these other products is without foundation.

        I guess you are therefore implying Google knocked off Apples IpHONE? What of of RIM and Apple or Palm and Apple - following your logic Apple knocked off that product. Likewise with their computer and IBM.

        That said I would concede the point that the Chinese copied the IpOD - and some are very good, in fact I have a stainless steel cased copy, as do others in my family and the quality is first class.

        The bottom line is the Chinese products have superior software, very adequate displays, superlative features and a licenced OS. If you were to get the Application Notes for the RockChip 2808 you would understand the fallacy of your statement: "leeching off the R&D work of others".

        The Chinese are technically very competent and without them Apple and many other US companies would have no products to sell.

        1. JaitcH
          Thumb Up

          Whoops! One of my Chinese Pads is 3D - and 3G

          Whilst rummaging through the Chinese hieroglyphics in the manuals and messing with the CDs that came with the tablets I discovered one called the Odroit-T - a 10" tablet - HAS A 3D DISPLAY.

          This clears it as being a iCrap knock-off as Apple CAN'T DO 3D!!!

          I rest my case.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Funny ain't it?

    How many people who are apple haters who couldn't find a "use" for the ipad, or get what its for.... think these are fantastic devices????

    1. Al Jones

      I could find a use for an iPad

      if it only cost £102

  16. Gareth Morgan

    Bigger and better

    I was in Shenzhen yesterday and was offered an Android 2.1 10" screen with HDMI etc. iPed.

    I was tempted but negotiations broke down

  17. Cliff

    Comes with

    It comes with a small vanity mirror, for simpler use.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Definitely find a use for this

    It's clearly perfect for keeping track of which dissidents you've executed this week, all in a handy-dandy pocket sized format.

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