back to article Sony puts the USB power in your pocket

Sony's USB Portable Power Supply launched today, acts as a power source for any USB chargeable devices such as mobile phones, iPods and portable games consoles. The adapter has dual modules - an input for charging and a detachable power supply with an embedded Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Plug into the USB socket using …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    title, title, title

    its quite clear, the older Energy Link thingy does not "complement the busy lifestyle of today's mobile consumers" it did that for the busy lifestyle of "three years ago" mobile consumers.

  2. Martyn 4

    old tech

    the freeloader has been doing this for years now.

    and it has the solar panel in addition to a battery pack and being able to provide power at the USB voltage.

    mines the one with the freeloader in the pocket

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