back to article Far East fanboi dresses iPad as Mac (Classic)

A Japanese fanboi has come up with one of the most artful marriages of old and new kit that we've seen in quite some time. Every überstylish Apple offering spawns an ecosystem of überstylish accessories, and the iPad is no exception. Cases, for example. We admire Apple's convertible model, but the fine leather eyecatchers from …


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  2. Kevin Christoforou

    Big Mac Dissapointment

    I hurriedly clicked with visions of an IPad dressed as a McDonalds Big Mac, such a disappointment ensued a few seconds later! Off to get something to eat, I'm starving.

  3. druck Silver badge

    Almost there!

    Now if they could just make the original keyboard and mouse work, you'd have a usable computer!

    1. Christian Berger

      @ Almost there

      You'd also need some BASIC-Interpreter or C-Compiler or at least a shell to turn it into a usable computer.

  4. Ian North

    That's all very well and good...

    but how does he get at the home button?

  5. Anonymous Coward


    "But nothing matches the classic lines of the classiest of classics, the Mac Classic"

    Except my microwave that is..

  6. John I'm only dancing
    Thumb Up

    A thing of real beauty

    I'm talking about the Mac Classic

    Ultra fast Motorola 68000 processor running at 8MHz, massive 40 mb hard drive, 1Mb of ram, 512k rom, SCSI and of course, Hypercard!!!

  7. David Gosnell

    iPreferred the iToiletSeat edition

  8. james the l

    For recursion, see recursion...

    Now if, after putting the iPad in the case he then played the youtube video of him putting it in the case which shows the video of...

    You can see where I'm going here. Question is, will he need a time machine? My brain hurts.

    Thank God it's Friday.

  9. Peter Ford

    Shame it wasn't

    a Lisa...

  10. Badwolf
    Thumb Up


    I was gonna turn my old classic into a fish tank but this is brilliant

  11. Frank Bough
    Thumb Up

    Beats a Macquarium out of sight

    Nice action.

  12. Scott 19


    I tied a bow round mine, if you want to come round and photograph it for El Reg you have my blessing (although you may need a zoom lens).

    Well it is Friday. I'm off down the pub.

  13. Rob 30

    sodding video

    can't you just post a picture of it rather than these bloody videos all over the place?

    not that i care that much for apple shininess but it's getting to be a bit of a habit lately on all sorts of stories.

  14. gorgehead

    what no floppy!

    If he manage to get the floppy working that would be cool, ;-)

  15. Piloti
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    Old and New.....

    Is this what the I-Mac should have been ?


  16. This post has been deleted by its author

  17. Paul Naylor
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    My Inner Geek loves this!

    Makes me think back to the early 90s when I got my first Mac, a second or third hand SE, with a massive 20Mb hard disk, 2Mb memory and a black and white 320x240 screen resolution! Today's cash points probably have better screens than that old thing did! Still, in the three years I had it, it was on pretty much 24 hours a day and I did really cool stuff with Hypercard. Happy days!

    1. Xerxes


      I don't know where you get 320x240, but all of the early Macs were 512x342, and I spent many years writing Xternals for HyperCard... best days of my life!


  18. Pedro Mendosa

    Almost there!

    Now if they could just make the original keyboard and mouse work, you'd have a usable computer!

  19. Geoff Mackenzie


    but I'd prefer the unadulterated classic. You could do actual stuff with that.

  20. Dave Bell
    Jobs Halo

    Timeless Design

    You wouldn't design a modern computer to look like a Mac Classic. The tech has changed. But it is a classic piece of design. How many IBM compatible beige boxes from that era are as memorable?

    People are going to be arguing about the iPad for a long while. I'm just slightly awestruck at how well the combination looks. Just add a Bluetooth keyboard, I gather.

    If Steve Jobs wants to sell something like this as a purpose made iPad dock, I don't think it would just be the money.

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