back to article Microsoft legal foes withdraw EU complaint

IT trade lobby group ECIS is withdrawing a complaint against Microsoft it originally filed with European regulators in 2006. The complaint raised interoperability issues with server and office software, including networking protocols and file formats. In 2007, Redmond pledged to provide competitors with technical information, …


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  1. Lewis Mettler 1

    IE still a forced purchase

    Strange how the trade press still claims that IE is not a forced purchase. It is.

    Having IE on the ballot list does not change that. It does not change the illegal bundling of IE. And it does not change the illegal commingling of code between the OS and IE.

    Let's get the facts straight.

  2. Steve Renouf

    Browser selection

    is all very well but it doesn't install your browser of preference INSTEAD OF Infernal Exploder - it installs it AS WELL AS!

    1. Waffles666
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      get over it

      Get over it, if you want another browser just install it internet explorer is part of the operating system you buy and a useful backup if something goes wrong with you daily use browser. I think it is ridiculous they have to advertise a competitors product on their operating system in the first place. Explorer is constantly losing market share, when they eventually in the minority should other browser makers be made to advertise explorer to give it a leg up to? If opera care so much why don't they develope an opera OS and actually put some money into it instead of leaching off others. Posted from Chrome browser having never opened explorer for internet purposes.

    2. ShellShockeD

      no you carn't have your ball back

      OMG stop crying having it on the system allows you go strait on-line and get what every you want as opposed to ringing me up to come round and bring my flash key to install something for you to allow you get on-line damned if you do and damned if you don't grow up .

  3. slooth
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    Despite choosing a different browser, you STILL need IE to do the updates......

  4. Argh


    And they force you to install the volume control too, denying the market to the 3rd party volume control developers!!!11!!!111

    Some people like their OS to be shipped with some functionality.

    Personally, I use Firefox but IE doesn't get in my way and allows some 3rd party software to run that embeds IE controls (as Steam did up until their recent shift to a Webkit engine for cross-platform compatibility).

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...this is not the browser investigation, but clearly you're to thick to read the article.

    And it's a bit rich the complaint coming from'll be like Google logging a complaint against Yahoo & Bing merging due to competition.

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