back to article Dell removes $100m from profits over SEC probe

Dell has removed $100 million from its first-quarter profits, setting the cash aside for a potential settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which is investigating the PC giant's accounting and financial-reporting practices and its relationship with Intel. In a statement released Thursday, the company also …


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  1. James Woods

    super lulz

    what did the sec retards come out from behind the porno surfing to do some work or did they just get tipped off by dell that well Michael wants to make this deal to pay for his wrongdoings.

    I wasn't aware we had a pay-to-violate-the-law society but apparently when you can say 100 million without batting an eye nothing really matters.

    the sec has failed us on virtually everything in the last decade and the best they can do is extorting money from dell?

    well, if it has to be someone, might as well be the outsourcers.

    when will the tech industry include an outsource tax of about 30-40% to makeup for all the american jobs lost. you know the americans that you want to buy your products.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Dell and Intel in dodgy dealings?

    Dell and Intel in dodgy dealings?

    Wow, who'd have thought it. Next thing, some lunatic will be claiming that Microsoft were involved in dodgy Dell dealings too.


    As usual with "white collar crime" though, if the "punishment" is a simply fine, it's no real punishment at all, the cost largely gets passed on to the customers and/or employees. For the same reason, a fine generally doesn't discourage other companies from behaving the same way.

    In reality, individuals made these dodgy decisions, and individuals are the ones who should carry the can; the punishment should involve real loss, not a gentle slap on the wrist.

    That applies as much to Dell as it applies to BP.

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