back to article Google spymobile snaps self jumping to light speed

Those of you who've been waiting since the 1960s for that bloody flying car you were promised will be a bit hacked off to learn that Google is already way ahead of we mere mortals when it comes to advanced vehicular technology. Consider if you will the strange case of the London Orwellian black Opel, seen here making the jump …


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  1. Simon Harris

    Bet I'm not the first...

    ... to ask if the Opel has to hit exactly 88 miles per hour to make the jump!

    1. paulf

      1.21 Jiga Watts??

      "Who!? Who!?"

      "The LIBYANS!!!"


      1. Anonymous Coward

        "Jiga" Watts


        Like gigabytes...

        1. Lionel Baden


          I think Jiga is way cooler !!

        2. Captain TickTock

          Or giggle

          Can be pronounced either way. the US goes for Jiga- as in the original post (full marks :-)

          84% of Britons go for a hard 'g'

 (yeah, great source, I know...)

          So hard g's, mate

          (mine's the one with cheddar in the pockets)

        3. paul-s

          Jiga Watts was correct

          As in "Jumping Jiga Watts!"

          Kids these days, tut.

        4. paulf

          Re: AC "Jiga" Watts

          Yes its pronounced Giga, BUT watch the film. So called "Dr" Emmet Brown pronounced Giga as Jiga. Then runs across the garden in the 1955 night with an arm full of papers from the Garage/lab shouting at Marty Mc Fly:


          How many in the audience couldn't tell the difference between Giga and Jiga, nor could give a flying toss but just though Jiga Watts sounds so Cool, or something...

          1. Anonymous Coward

            Re: Re: AC "Jiga" Watts

            AC reserves his/her right to be an annoying pedant.

    2. Mart 2

      as the register tip-off'er

      no you weren't the first to make this reference...

      Thanks El Reg for the credit...

  2. hplasm

    "Minions of Brin"

    Let this the official name of the Googlies hereafter!

    1. Jon Whiteoak


      How about "Brinions"?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Paris Hilton

        me Mum

        had a couple of those on her feet. Had to have an operation she did.

        Aint the NHS just grand eh?

  3. irrelevant

    loop it...

    If it can zip backwards in time once, why not do it another five times?,12.289624&panoid=9rb9wMlkGlbBh53kVxLODw&cbp=12,312.06,,0,3.26&ll=55.63869,12.291448&spn=0,359.997589&z=19&source=embed

  4. Ian McNee

    More Mountain View Proprietary Tech!!

    C'mon Google! If you're as open as you say you are when are you gonna share this light-speed tech under the GPL? I for one am not holding my breath!

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Ivan Headache

    But what about the Queen's wifi?

    They must have been sniffing her twice.

  7. Reg 6

    There can be only one

    Guys... guys!!! There is only one car, ... haven't you seen that giant mirror in Grosvenor Place?

  8. Anonymous Coward


    during its 'accidental' sweep of wireless networks it accidentally merged the photo with data from a wifi traffic camera - which just happened to have snapped the car.

    then again , maybe not.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    I'm I the only one who's spotted the suspicous police activity in the background?

    Either they are stopping a photographer under section 44 of the anti terrorism act OR they were planning to stop the Google mobile, hence that vehicle's sudden jump into hyperspace.

  10. Steven Evans

    Police... Box!

    And take a squint at the lead car as it blurs into hyperspace.

    Flash of blue lights!

    Hint of pillarbox emerging from the swirl!

    GrooARGH - GrooARGH - GrooARGH!

    Yes, it's the TARDIS. Explains a lot, really.

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