back to article Sony 3D TV kit, PS3 games released tomorrow

Sony will release its first four stereoscopic 3D games for the PlayStation 3 tomorrow. The titles - Wipeout HD, Super Stardust HD, Pain and a one-vehicle, one-track demo of MotorStorm Pacific Rift - will be delivered to PS3s through the PlayStation Network, but only to gamers who buy a 3D-enabled Sony Bravia TV. Right now, …


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  1. PhonicUK
    Thumb Down

    So no love then...

    ...For those of us with Samsung 3D displays?

    Sucks :(

    1. Citizen Kaned


      why on earth would sony give samsung people free stuff? this is to push sony 3d tech.

      if samsung are too tight to give away freebies then more fool them (and you) but i guess your samsung would be considerably cheaper than the sony, so you get the last laugh.

      ive not been impressed with the latest sony TVs.

  2. cmrayer


    I've had one for over a month (bought in the UK from a UK retailer) so is it the 3D firmware that is released tomorrow??

  3. Anonymous Coward

    And cue...

    The army of Microsoft shills pretending that 3D does not matter, simply because the Xbox currently does not do it (in true Microsoft style, 3D WILL matter, just as soon as they catch up).

    However any sane person knows it matters, look at the biggest cinema blockbusters last year...

    OK, so you may have just bought a telly, and you might not be planning on another for a few years, but that does not mean anyone buying a new TV shouldn't benefit from this.

  4. Somme1


    So it's just the same as the Samsung 3D TV crap?

    Sorry, but if we were all willing to wear glasses, we could have been watching 3D telly for years on our normal TV sets.

    What makes these nobbies think that saying it's a special TV and charging us for expensive glasses is going to make us all rush out and buy one?

    Unless it works without glasses they can shove this technology up their arse because I'm not buying into the false hype!!

    (And yes I've tried it in the store and I still think it's crap)

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Somme1, so you think this technology is comparable to the old multicoloured lens approach of 30 odd years ago? If you really have tried the active shutter glasses you would realise this method is far superior in almost every way. As far as your comments go regarding having to wear glasses in the first place, that's about as ridiculous as saying "What? I have to use my hands to drive a car? How primitive!" The tech to achieve hands free driving or glasses free 3DTV are only just being developed and won't be used by regular consumers for a long time yet.

      Excuse the rant but I'm totally fed up of the "no glasses" comments on these articles, they really are a stupid excuse for a counterpoint.

  5. Greg J Preece

    Super Stardust HD?

    Oh come on, don't do that. They put one of my favourite games in 3D, but only on some overpriced Sony TV?


  6. The Indomitable Gall

    You wot?

    Buy a TV that can't be used for 3D yet and get a free game that you can't play in 3D yet? Where did I leave my wallet?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    oh! ...


    3D, the headache inducing nausea caused by big corps attempt to fight piracy through 'innovation', also:

  8. Anonymous Coward

    holding off

    sorry....i've got a PS3 and I'm interested in the 3D gaming big time but (and very big BUT), I've already got a 40" HD TV set that I bought a couple of years back (and a 37" one in t'other main room that was bought 4 years back).... they are both great sets. 1080p, 3 HDMI etc but they dont do this new 3D stuff. pity. and I wont buy a set to just do that...

    especially when it needs glasses to view. thats just silly. what, got some mates around? want to buy about 8 sets of glasses just to watch the film/game/TV? that'll be more expensive than the

    4 wimotes + wiimotionplus dongles from last christmas!

    nope. cant recall...but I think its Phillips....have got tech that means no glasses are needed. THAT is the real 3D option...not this quick-to-market stuff.

  9. Dan P

    Couple of things...

    Firstly, why didn't 3D in it's current form (glasses, different image through each etc) die out once and for all when it came around the first time? We want proper 3D sets, not a rehash of some dodgy 1970s tech that was a failure.

    Secondly, why do they insist on pushing Wipeout HD? I remember playing the original on an Amstrad running Gem OS and, other than it being in monochrome, it's hardly changed or improved at all since.

  10. the bobble


    hmm if I read that correctly

    'Right now, that means a KDL-HX803 in either its 40in or 46in size. Sony describes the HX803 as "3D capable for future use" which means that the telly doesn't come with active-shutter glasses or the transmitter used to synchronise screen and specs.'

    that means although the PS3 is capable of 3D, and the TV is 'capable' of 3D you still cant play the games in 3D? I looked on the Sony website, not sure of the price of the TV but the glasses are £99 and the transmitter is £50. Also had to smile at the advertising blurb 'the world cup is being filmed in 3D' shame no one is transmitting it in 3D :o) also the TV isnt even available til mid june according to the website, by which time the 3D world cup thats not being shown will be half over!

  11. Jim 15

    re. hmmmm

    @ The Bobble ... Insightful!

    As we all know, zero x (3D) /2 = #VALUE!

    By mid june then, we can be saying "They think it's half over ..."? I can't wait!

  12. Woof
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    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    Others may see it differently but when I consider the various problems that I have experienced with Sony flat panels, I can not imagine my purchasing yet another Sony panel. This aside, there is always the question of whether the added gadgetry is worth paying for. I think it is not.

    One point well worth considering is that the 3D effect that we are being cajoled to purchase requires that one have two functioning eyes in order to perceive the so-called-but-not-truly 3D effect. My wife has only one functioning eye; in real life she has 3D vision but for her the simulated 3D effect is wholly absent and for her, the picture clarity is actually worse.

    So when there are devices that a one eyed individual can actually use for 3D, then I will consider paying the 3D "tax".

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