back to article Security gaffe exposes addresses of elite iPaders

AT&T has exposed the email addresses of more than 114,000 early adopters of Apple's iPad, a security breach that could make some of the world's most elite celebrities and executives vulnerable to phishing attacks, Gawker reports. According to an article published Wednesday, the vulnerability in AT&T's website was exploited by …


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  1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

    Celebrities hey?

    Having your email address disclosed doesn't make you vulnerable to phishing attacks. Being a complete clot makes you vulnerable to phishing attacks.

    Amusing security attack there too.

    1. Doug Glass


      It does makes it possible. Whether or not it makes it probable, or more probable, is debatable. It's possible to invest $1 in the stockmarket and earn $1,000,000. Probable for that to happen? Don't quit your day job.

      1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

        Please re-read

        I didn't use the word "possible".

  2. Terry Kiely


    The best way to experience the Net ~~~~NOT

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Cos its totally Apples fault that AT&T have crap and leaky websites.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Whether the breach is sourced from Apple or AT&T... it is still Apple's fault for signing on with a crap network.

        The reason for that, like all of Apples many many problems, goes back to Apple's control freak issue. AT&T was in such a bad place that they were willing to give Apple tons of control that successful carriers like Verizon and Sprint were not.

  3. John Molloy


    Gawker media, as is it's won't, reported this as an Apples security breach. With little or no reference to AT&T. Seems like Nick Denton's anti Apple bugbear is going to his head.

    1. frank ly

      Or Something Like That

      Those wont to say won't may be in want.

  4. IMVHO

    Logs are good for...

    ... nothing, unless someone/something has a look now and then. "By writing a script that bombarded the site with thousands of possible ICC-ID numbers", I would assume (ahem, must) from one, or few, IP addresses. Nobody wants to pay a monkey to sit and watch logs, but me thinks a fairly simple bit of scripting would have done the trick here. Hanging an out-facing front door in the DMZ, and not looking for inevitable bits of action from knockers, is a fail.

    It's a bummer for these elite folks, or sumfink, yadda...can't bring myself to care... blerg.

  5. Hombre sin nombre

    Is sjobs(at) on the list?

    Or does he not drink his own Kool-Aid?

  6. PowerSurge


    Shouln't it be "iPadders" - "iPaders" rhymes with "Darth Vaders" surely?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    go weev go

    they see you trollin

  8. N2

    Early adopters

    What would we do without these hapless fools, queuing for hours in the pissing rain, to eventually run gleefully into the big wide world clutching the fruit of their endless toil?

  9. OverWatch

    Tsk Tsk Early Adopters

    WOOT! Congratulations to all you EARLY ADOPTERS! What do you blokes expext out of product(s) (iPad, iPhone, iWhatever - this is NOT limited to Apple "i"Products) that hits the market for the first time.

    Always want to be the first one with the "kool gadgets". Well, you reap what you sow. ALWAYS, ALWAYS wait for the bugs and issues to be addressed and remedied. Like a bunch of lemmings you all are. OBTW, I am an "APPLE FAN" but I know better to at least wait for Rev.2

    Now all your family, friends and business associates can thank you for taking part (albeit invulentarily) in not protecting their contact information plus any other "undisclosed" issues.

    You think AT&T needs a swift kick in the "nads" by bannig together and boycotting their service. OMG! How will I survive life without an iPhone or iPad (being fecetious). Only consumers have the power to force changes but WE all allow the tails to wag tha dogs.

    1. Stevie


      But...without early adopters there won't *be*a Rev 2 so I'm driven to ask: "where's the payoff of such hostile smugness?"

      Are you by any chance one of those sysadmins who think applications programmers are just there to annoy you?

    2. Cannop


      There wouldn't be any "Rev.2's" if people didn't buy the original product. And if you want to comment at least learn to spell correctly.

      Whacko for obvious reasons!

      1. Stevie


        I smell the breath of a disaffected JavaScript "programmer".


  10. Doug Glass

    Doesn't Matter

    Apple or AT&T at fault? No matter; it's a package and the simple fact is the package frakked up. And since it's load Fobs jucking baby, well.... connect the dots. "Connect the dots", seems to fit well with wed mania. Or is it .com mania? No matter there either.

  11. Stevie


    Email addresses are private? In which alternate universe?

  12. yomchi86

    More fool you all....err fools!!

    Im completely Bias and hate apple (and windows to a slighly lesser extent) so I laugh at all the fanboi's that ran out and got their new electronic wet dream. I do agree with the fact this could have happened to any new kit tho, just so happens to be AT&T with links to apple.

    Righty, im off back into my underground cave! tata for now

  13. Daniel B.

    Goatse Security?

    Does that mean that those who got their emails found will shortly recieve an .. err... shocking image which was oh so popular in the net a couple of years ago?

  14. The Original Ash

    A little more information...

    Their website ( I've not been there, so click at your own risk. If you don't know what Goatse is, do NOT click any link containing that word) contains information stating that they are a subsidiary of a (in)famous internet trolling group, the GNAA (Gay N*ggers Association of America). They're widely active on Slashdot and elsewhere, posting comments which appear to be genuine posts which infrequently make references to homosexuality or black people out of context, just for the sake of getting some laughs.

    This may be one of the most successful trolls that they've every pulled.

  15. Chris Hatfield

    Gaping Holes Exposed

    That's the motto of this 'group'. It has been carried by many news organisations - just google 'Goatse Security'.

    This is a prank, surely?

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