back to article Dell kicks out new blades and racks

A resurgent Dell, riding the x64 upgrade wave that is happening in the wake of the recession, will crank out three more machines today, broadening its PowerEdge lineup to chase some more money. The new machines include two PowerEdge blade servers and a new rack machine. All will start shipping in July. The PowerEdge M610x …


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  1. pan2008
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    Windows Server 2008

    Windows Server 2008 rocks!! or you can waste your time messing about with cr*p. Oh what was that unix scripting missing? thank you I have powershell and can get away with 1970 implementations shells that don't know the difference between csh=bad & csh =bad.

  2. Adam 73

    Nothing new here!

    The M610x blade has two full-length, full height PCI-Express 2.0 x16 slots - which is a new thing for blade servers.

    No it isnt TPM! HP have been doing PCI expansion blades for years. They sit next to a blade and are connected via the PCI buses and guess what you can plug 2 full height cards into them ........... just like the ones you've been talking about!

    Fusion-io's ioDrive Duo flash disk to accelerate calculations or I/O for specific workloads.

    Again HP have been doind this for years they are called IO Accelerators (OEM' versions of Fusion-IO), difference is HP managed to work out a way of fitting them on a standard mezz card format meaning a space saving, guess Dell couldnt be bothered to put the R&D effort in!

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