back to article Apple releases moving pictures of Steve Jobs keynote

Apple today released the full video of Monday's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, featuring the iPhone 4 as introduced by huckstermeister extraordinaire Steve Jobs. The video lasts one hour, fifty-two minutes, and forty-six seconds — from the ovation as Jobs enters stage right to the crowd exiting to the strains of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    can everyone turn off their WiFi?

    huh? what sort of position is that to come from? If I'm in a busy location/conference centre etc

    then I cant just ask everyone else to turn off their WiFi so that my device device has to handle the situation... thats just the way of the world. sorry Steve...should I ask everyone else in the train station or town centre to turn off their 3G/UMTS too so that the iPhone can connect too? :-(

    1. h 6

      WIFI polution

      It's called WiFi polution. There were 570 little wifi networks in the room, mostly from

      many people's Mifis running. No wonder there were glitches.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      NO - I'm not a Fanboi....

      ..but, WiFi does have limitations... 570 devices in once conference is going to cause issues... My neighbours WiFi causes me enough issues when he swaps his channels about.

      1. Bear Features


        Well, if it was that obvious they'd have known wouldn't they? You can't say that the conference has wi-fi then tell everyone that can't use it.

        Typical Jobs really, blame someone else ;)

    3. Nexox Enigma

      Wifi Sucks?

      Well the only solution at a conference is to not rely on Wifi, seeing as how it's pretty terrible once you get 3 or more devices using it at the same time. Honestly I've rarely seen wifi even sort of work at conventions, as the networks, even for tech conventions, are generally just set up poorly. Adding in the rather obvious deficiencies and scaling issues inherent in wifi, and you just end up with a bunch of noise.

      And the limitations of wifi are such that in a hostile environment (if the report of 570 wifi networks is correct, then 'hostile' is an understatement) no amount of determination or equipment can give you a functioning network. For instance, the Defcon network has gotten pretty solid these last few years, but it can still be brought to it's knees by a script kiddie spamming deauth packets. And there's just no way to stop that sort of thing.

      Even on an ideal and uncongested network consisting of a single access point and a single client, almost half of the bandwidth of a 802.11G network is consumed with error checking and transmission control to make the network behave like a wire. Add in more clients and you get more air time chewed up by control packets, less available for data. Multiuple networks on the same (or overlapping) channels degrades your data/total ratio even harder, as they all negotiate for air time. In general, even with the MyFi deals, you have an average of more than one client per AP, which brings the total wifi devices count to over 1000. That's just entirely unreasonable. I imagine most devices just quit trying.

      Which is why I'm glad I can tether my phone to my MacBook w/ USB.

  2. Pat 11

    I would, but...

    but my computer, like almost all other computers, doesn't show Quicktime movies.

    1. Andrew Bassi


      What are you using? A BBC micro? Quicktime installs on windows and mac, making a very large percentage of 'almost all other computers' compatible with Quicktime. Seriously, you need to join the 21st century ....

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Install quicktime? Are you insane

        It's a far more horrible, and much less useful, plugin than flash, and once you have it you're stuck in the Apple ecosystem, with an update manager you can't get rid of trying to foist iTunes, Safari and other assorted crapware onto you the second you forget to uncheck the box. They should stick to H264 since they love it so much.

  3. Annihilator Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Hold for applause

    Would be a 40 minute keynote if it weren't for the rather obvious (and painful in some instances where it wasn't taken up) "hold for applause" moments.

    Gobsmacked that he manages to get such applause and whoops for putting a frickin' LED next to the camera...

    No wonder El Reg aren't allowed in.

    1. Stu


      It was downright creepy to me.

      I would have wondered quite why the place was full of sycophantic Jobs testicle lickers laughing and clapping even when Steve wasn't trying to be funny. But it turned out it seemed the whole of the front of the audience were Apple employees - see near the end of the Keynote speech where they receive a rather embarassing *prompted* standing ovation from the crowd for their efforts.

      There were plenty of 'hold for appause' moments, but also some moments where steve would rather not have had people stopping him to laugh and clap like retarded seals.

      I would have loved just one lesser-sycophantic Journo to pipe up during the FaceTime demos and tell everybody in Apple that videochat has *actually* been around for over five years now, its just nobody really wants to (pay the extortionate fees to...) use it .

      A Gizmodo journo would have!

  4. Gannon (J.) Dick
    Jobs Halo


    Moving Pictures ? Are they 'Talkies' or wouldn't IBM give them a license ?

  5. Charlie Clark Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Give the guy a break

    He's obviously not very well.

    There was noticeably less whooping than at previous keynotes - the loudest was the gyroscope which will definitely allow for some very cool stuff. The phone looks great - the display is fantastic and developers are making money. But the rest was missing the wow factor. Bound to happen so or later and as long as people are handing their money over for the toys and the "apps" they must be doing something right. Farmville on iPhone - I wonder if Facebook should worry. Turning the Jphone into a tamagotchi certainly sounds like a money winner to me.

    The wifi stuff is just smoke and mirrors. Conference audiences do soak up all available capacity and wifi's management is pants but it still should have been possible to set up a dedicated demo-only network with minimal interference from the audience. Some poor bugger has probably got of trouble for that fuck up. Kudos to Jobs for thinking on his feet and offering it to the crowd.

    Facetime on wifi only may have been a cover for some kind of LTE availability next year.

    But Google IO has probably generated more buzz on the whole and Jobs' needless abuse of Android and AMOLED was a sure sign that he's started looking over his shoulder.

    1. Lou Gosselin

      But the rest was missing the wow factor

      Not an apple user myself, but if he had announced that apple's OS4 was going to be open to developers & end users, then I would even be temped to forgive him his arrogance and participate in the joyous celebration.

      As is, I can't help but feel unimpressed with a platform where apple holds all the keys to my apps.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Not only is he not well...

      ...he's not the Messiah either. He's a very naughty boy.

  6. Rab Sssss

    1991 called

    And they want their webcam back....

    1. Kay Burley ate my hamster
      Thumb Up



  7. Nathan 13
    Jobs Halo

    I would never buy an Apple product ever, but...

    Steve Jobs knows how to do a presentation.

    If anyone needs lessons is business presentations they could do worse than watch the recent Keynotes. His best one IMO was the very first Ipod keynote.

    Getting 1000s upon 1000s of people to pay big money for your products is a rare skill and SJ/Apple cannot be faulted in this area.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    I am sure it will be an improvment over V3 but

    I never bought an iPhone, so I am not upset that a new one is out and I have 18 months of contract left. I never bough an iPhone so I don't care what iTunes does or does not let you do.

    Nor did I buy a beta max, nor an HD-DVD player, nor a plasma screen HD TV.

    Its annoying when your old stuff just keeps working.... I just can't bring my self to get a new toy untill my old one stops being so damm handy.

    Anyway, I suspect Jobs had been pushing hard which is why there were issues with the phone in the demo. Trying to get a new one out and in the papers and build up some demand asap.

    I mean I am not anti-iPhone its nice got some lovely features, and loseing some spec for a better GUI is fine if you want the better GUI. However iTunes stopped me getting an iPod, it stopped me more or less any mac'y thing because I hate walled gardens. - and I am not buying a device where I will be locked into a contract for 18 months (because I can not buy it out right) to then hax it.

    As for the iPad it can get to france. I have read about its file management, and I suspect it would 'frizbe' rather far.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Sensible chap

      How much longer are your thick brown polyester and nylon trousers going to last ?

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Nor did I buy

      "Nor did I buy a beta max, nor an HD-DVD player, nor a plasma screen HD TV."

      Not to troll, but you're saying that you didn't go for the arguably better tech solutions and instead went for what was popular? Sort of catch 22 here, if you'll only buy substandard, popular stuff, then it sounds like you're a prime candidate for an iPhone :-)

  9. Jeremy 2


    Curated platform?! That's a good 'un!

    Keyboard icon, etc....

  10. Anonymous Hero

    So much for standards....

    ...when I need to install that Quicktime shite to watch the Jobbo cult heed honcho spinning his wares.

    I'll pass.

  11. nsld
    Paris Hilton

    @andrew bassi

    Quicktime does install on most computers but your forgetting the minor issue that its crap.

    Paris she installs most places as well

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Does not work on HTML5 browser

    I have a browser whih supports HTML5 standard and would love to see the videos. The apple site wants me do install some QuickTime... what is QuickTime? Is it a standard?

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