back to article VM6 Software punts Hyper-V wrangler

Server virtualization is not as easy as vendors make it sound, which is why VM6 Software has created a set of tools that may make using Hyper-V a whole lot easier. On Monday, VM6 Software — a server virtualization consulting company that has transformed itself into a virtualization tool provider — began shipping the latest …


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  1. K
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    Good tool

    But they're deluding themselves and setting the cost far too high, I work for a very successful SMB and can tell them now we simply wouldn't be given an extra $4000 for each server to configure it with this... they need to drop that price by at least 50% to 75%.

    1. Cgoudreault

      In response to the previous comments

      I'm VM6 Founder and CEO, I would like to have a chance to get in touch with you. I want to understand why you think our selling price is too high. It's important for us to make sure that we bring you the value you need at the price that make sense to you. So far we have been verry successful in selling our solution at 4000$ but every customers see value that we bring them from a different angle and I would like to know from witch angle you look at our solution and what make you thing we should sell it at 50% of what we are today. It maybe comming from the understanding you currently have of what we do need more clarification.

      I can be contected by email at

      Best regards

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    claude, just use rebol view scripting

    "VM6 Software shifted gears one more time and completely rewrote its VMex tools for the Microsoft stack. After two years of development, VMex 2.0 was released in September 2009, and this week sees the delivery of a more refined tool, VMex 2.1." two years to re-factor your TCP/IP UDP CLI control and GUI front end software, what were you thinking ?,for far less time and effort you could commissioned Carl Sassenrath, CTO, REBOL Technologies, and old AMIGA OS lead developer and other 3rd party rebol'ers to write you a fully working and expandable Rebol core/View remote/local set of apps

    and making cheap SAN is simple, just have your cross platform rebol view GUI front end scripts use the generic FeeNAS with as many iSCSI drive array's as is required, its about time you corporate types phoned carl and asked around the rebol developers how they can help you and the end consumers to produce something worthwhile and really innovative...

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