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Most Reg readers have moved on from the early days of virtualizing servers, when the idea was simply to consolidate and save floor space. Yesterday’s virtualization beta-testers are now fully versed in the virtualization game, and they're looking to get more bang for their buck with real projects that deliver benefits across …


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  1. Pony Tail

    Already virtualized "the hard stuff"

    We use VMWare for small applications and infrastructure clutter.

    We use PowerVM for all the database workloads and larger applications



    - is easy for easy workloads

    - is very expensive

    - is not architected for heavy I/O

    - cannot have a virtual machine larger than 8 threads


    - easy but you need to use AIX versions of software

    - makes Power systems cheap compared to x86+VMWare

    - Can handle the highest transaction rates we have had on black Friday

    - can scale from one thread to I heard over a thousand in the new boxes.

    Its a matter of picking the right platforms for the right work vs. how to try to get VMWare to do something it was not made to do

This topic is closed for new posts.

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