back to article Strathclyde Police website pulled offline, possible hack probed

Strathclyde Police's website has been out of action for nearly 24 hours while its IT team investigate whether the force's online portal has been compromised by Chinese hackers. A spokeswoman at Strathclyde told The Register that the site had been taken down as a "precaution" to find out what had gone wrong. She was unable to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why would chinese hackers want to hack this site?

  2. Anonymous Hero

    Remember the Tayside Polis hack

    These chinese hackers have no sense of humour, remember the Tayside Polis one:

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Straff Cried

    Send the panda car round Sarg'....

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chinese hackers?

    If they were as quickly to process and return innocent films seized from innocent photographers as their colleagues in Aberdeenshire I wouldn't be surprised if it was rather such a victim than Chinese hackers.

  5. AntiHacker101

    now do you want the details of whats going on? ill tell ya how they are getting in.

    since your going to actually investage the hack, i feel that you may take me seriously when i tell you whats going on. i know that no one knows fully the situation where even your team wont even know whats going on.

    here is the the facts.

    since the worm and hacker figvht in 2008, i beem fighting this small group involved that came down to 1 person from windstream that i know is the main hacker, and others that used a wyoming number.

    the more i faught this worm, the stronger it got. i didnt know what was about to happen next. microsoft came out about the april fools worm that changed into conficters. which need to explain more in details.

    now it formed into a major spam ring that is smarter than the greatest teams in the world. known as the BOTNET.

    what i saw happen is this group made a well planned out undetectable backdoor that can use any system and own it by a first come first owns rule mention where there is no way to get it back if someone else claims it first.

    feb of 2009 is when the incoming ips started where ti was around 2000 ips per hour 24/7 till now. the timing and structure recently linked what i tried not to believe. the first ip belowed to a microsoft CEO in asia which links to all technology used in the worm. what is used is a satalite for geo tuning to hack into your machines. dual band packet injections from my phone infected everyone i contacted.

    the company the hacker was going through and still is is windstream. i see all these people argue about google. it came to my attention rright after i reaalized that markmonitor was alwasy found in my system. the timing of it all where i contacted my isp and windstream trying to figure out if the ips were sujppose to be there. it ends up that this is the guy with the same worm problem.

    overall, windstream still shows as being the main hancho behind the worm. the botnet did not appear till after this hacker was ttrying to confvince me to go to fbi and tell them i discovered a hacker's ring. tyhen poof, there it is. after the single ip repeated itself ffrom asia tele site with microsoft and xerox involved, this was recently linked to the winners of a tech contest with microsoft. thes winners were given ceo badges.

    it ends uip that microsoftt was part of the worm the whole time. and even though everyone is still b elieving that china is doing all this is wrong cause i was being traced as living in amastedam with all the signs of the tcp6 part of it.

    what i started to think of is how no one knows of the udp packets which will end up showing you the source.

    the source took a dream of mine of the perfect hacker that took all the best qualitys of the most dangerous worms and combinded them into a monster.

    the botnet situation i believe may been legit and monitored by authotritys, but was sitting on a desk at the right moment to take blame to account for the high volume used in the ip pings.

    this happened for 2 reasons. one ws to save his own butt and the 2nd was to coverup the high volume that affected a passing of whats called the ROOT LAW.

    the hacker from windsteam told me to report a hackers ring, then botnet was alive

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