back to article Windows 7 eclipsed by Server 2008 in debut service pack

Microsoft has unveiled a debut service pack for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Typically, it's Windows 7 that gets the most marketing love, but this time around, it's the server workhorse that's getting the attention. Microsoft has opened its annual TechEd conference, in New Orleans, Louisiana, saying that SP 1 will hit …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    El Reg well ahead in the Great Game......? Well, well enough informed of the Well ahead .

    Pay attention now, for things are going to get a more than little bit lairy and/or surreal, for to be perfectly honest, dynamic memory is as practically nothing compared to its virtual bigger brother and crazy half sister . :-) ..... which you have been briefly introduced to, already.

    "A Quantum Leap Morph for the Cloud Control Crowd ..... the Few*" ...... Posted Friday 19th March 2010 12:10 GMT ....

    And if you think a week is along time in politics, you wouldn't/won't believe how fast time flies and how far one can travel in Live Operational Virtual Environments. And that makes IT the Perfect Stealth Field for the Sublime Alienation of Entire Species.

    Global Communications HQ Quantum Control Systems BetaTest #XSSXXXX100607 .....<Ping>]

  2. Techs

    releasing cached RAM

    'releasing cached RAM' issue was fixed over a year ago - bit of an odd one, but PSS knew what to do. I'm very pleased with Hyper-V and the System Centre VMM software, way more cost effective for my 5 hosts than competitors.

  3. David Austin


    from the way they're pitching it, and the general win7 consensus, it sounds like the Desktop service pack is going to be more akin to a security rollup, rather than an XP/Vista style game changing service pack.

  4. b166er


    You mention that RemoteFX is only 'fully' supported in a VM. What's unavailable through RDS?

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