back to article T-Mobile Pulse mobes still don't do 3G

T-Mobile's UK customers using the network's own Pulse Mini handset are finding 3G is an impossibility, despite a week of complaints. The Pulse Mini is a diminutive Android handset made by Huawei and available for a hundred nicker on pay-as-you-go. But some buyers attracted to the cut-price smartphone have been disappointed to …


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  1. Stephen Bungay

    At least they got one thing right...

    "T-Mobile is just reminding people that it's the phone they've bought and the service can come from anywhere"

    This is as it should be, buy the phone, use it on the best service provider. If you really REALLY like your service provider (in the same manner as a favorite [insert_your_sport_here] team) then you can put their brand on it and tell the world how satisfied you are.

    A contractless-smart-phone costs more than a lap-top computer... insane!

  2. el-em

    Had a similar issue with Nexus One on T-Mobile PAYG

    And the issue there was T-Mobile sent out the incorrect APN settings - which should be ""

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Ditto ... Nexus One on O2 PAYG

      The APN settings they gave me were wrong. Eventually got it working by using the iPhone settings.

      When in 3G coverage, connection speed is excellent - with these speeds (and cost), you guys don't know you're born compared to the rubbish service we have to put up with in the US.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Slight but very important correction

      T-Mobile APN should be and definately NOT

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