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You'd think Deutsche Telekom had better things to do than take on CNET for the software downloads market: big volumes, low margins and lots of bad people trying to smuggle malware onto your site. But no, it has its very own software download business, called Softwareload - the UK branch is here. And it has commissioned …


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  1. JasonW

    So what's powering the servers....

    ... the intertubes and everything else associated with all this software having to be available 24/7?

    What about the carbons that went into manufacturing it all?

    Presumably most people would download it and back it up - say on to a DVD like they used to buy, except it's not, it's a DVD-R which probably eats more carbons than a standard DVD does to make.

  2. James Le Cuirot

    Gentoo Linux

    Any carbon I save by downloading free software is probably lost when I compile it all. Gentoo Linux, not the most environmentally friendly distro!

This topic is closed for new posts.