back to article HTC pushes out Android 2.1 update for Hero

HTC has got European Hero owners hopes up by launching the long awaited Android 2.1 update for the smartphone... in Taiwan. The release - firmware version 2.73.751.13 - was pushed out to Asian Hero handsets late last week, though has yet to appear on European update servers. Originally expected in February this year, the …


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  1. Aidan Samuel


    Any word on if/when 2.1 will be released for the HTC Magic?

    1. Law

      RE: Magic

      I think they said something along the lines of only newer phones will be getting the updates - judging by the time it's taken for them to get 2.1 working smoothly on the Hero, I'm guessing the chances of an official 2.1 for Magic are slim to none.... somebody correct me if I'm wrong though.

      It would be nice if they said what gets fixed in the over the air updates though - I still only have guesses as to what the Desire update this weekend fixed. So far, widgets work slightly better (as in update properly), and there is now a message count again in the messaging application.

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