back to article Battleship of an Android phone sets Sprint sales record

As Steve Jobs prepares to unveil the latest Jesus Phone, Sprint says that its mega Android phone set a single-day sales record for the company when it debuted on Friday. According to a statement from Sprint, Friday sales of the HTC EVO 4G topped the single day sales of any other phone in the company's history — though the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Bloody hell

    HTC really have the hot hands right now, their Android stuff is looking really good.

    In the "everything else, that isn't an iPhone", HTC are surely leading the pack, establishing 'droid firmly as a solid choice- certainly amongst people who get a choice. Obviously, a lot of people still get Blackberry and WinMo rammed down their corporate throats, but that's different.

    It's a bit annoying that they bring out so many new models with minimal differentiation so often, but the build quality and stability is stunning. This new one looks like a beast.

    1. ThomH Silver badge

      Constant new models due to the sales curve?

      I guess the problem is that when you're in a market with nothing to differentiate yourselves other than the actual hardware and you're always aiming at pretty much the same profit margin and price point, you need constant releases to keep ahead of the competition?

      From the article, I do wonder whether AT&T's iPhone exclusivity may be a really serious backfire — they've secured themselves five years of really bad publicity amongst tech opinion formers and can't possibly hope to make up for it with the iPhone as an exclusive forever.

  2. dirk_diggler


    "the interface is (only) a step or two behind the iPhone."

    Surely that's a typo. The Android interface even without SenseUI has been better than iPhone since Donut. The iPhone interface isn't really all that good in my opinion, but the animations are at least smooth.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      My thoughts exactly

      I think the user experience is far superior on the newer Android devices where the hardware has finally caught up with the software.

      1. batfastad
        Jobs Horns


        Yep, Android is truly epic.

        Just got myself an HTC Desire and it's brilliant

    2. Jerome 0


      Comparing the Android interface to that of the iPhone, slickness and general usability is about on a par, while customisability and overall power is leaps and bounds ahead on Android devices.

      I can't speak to the new iPhone of course, where it appears that Apple have made a pretty good job of catching up in many respects.

  3. Al Jones

    And the cheapest plan is only $80/month!

    That's 55 quid a month (plus taxes, bringing it up to at least 60 quid), for 450 minutes.

    That's crazy money! (AT&T and Verizon charge similar amounts for their smart-phone contracts).

    1. Alastair 7

      Re: And the cheapest plan is only $80/month!

      As you point out, all the competitors are the same. To be fair, think of how much it costs to install and maintain mobile masts across the UK. Now imagine doing that across a country thirty-one times larger.

      For the record, I have 500 minutes, unlimited texts and data from T-Mobile or $59 a month- with HSDPA where I am in NYC. I am not complaining.

      1. Equitas
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        Masts across the USA?

        Have a realistic look at the coverage for any one service across the USA -- vast areas have no mobile coverage or very limited coverage.

  4. Danny 14 Silver badge


    but it should also be noted that the battery life is fecking shocking (even worse than normal androids) if any of the first reports are to show. To get it anywhere decent last-the-day life out of one (when, you know actually using it) you need to switch off most of the things that make it a good phone. And woe betide if you are on the edge of coverage as it does the same as all the other droids - switch modes constantly draining the battery even more (as it pulls the phone out of battery saving whilst doing this, a gripe still here after 1.5!)

    Im still not convinced by android. My android phone (at last upgraded to 2.1!) is still my second reserve toy phone rather than a replacement for my old, scratched but far more useable omnia (which gets laughed at in the pub as the ugly "windows phone" but one with flashlite in opera, tomtom, memory map, swype, proper exchange support oh and MD2 so you dont ever see the OS - whilst lasting a couple of days on a charge with decent use)

    1. James Hughes 1

      To be honest

      My cheap Samsung POS non-smartphone only lasts a day and a half on a full charge - even if I don't even use it! Probably because I live on the Cambs/Norfolk border where o2 seems to think that no-one actually wants to use a phone, so it's constantly working trying to find a network.

      My 5 years old Sony Ericson is so much better.

    2. SpinMe

      Omnia - seriously ?!

      I just finally got rid of my crappy samsung omnia after an 18month contract of hell. So difficult to use without a stylus - crappy wifi speed/range. Just bad bad bad.

      Never been happier since moving to Android 2.1 on my Desire. Works perfectly with Exchange even with all the strict lockdown settings on our corporate server.

      Never been so glad to get away from a mobile as the Omnia.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    man sized

    I've not been happy with any mobile since my Nokia 900 died,easy to use,a ring tone that I could not only hear when it was in my bag but one that I could "programme" to ring as long as I wanted.Big screen easy to read ,fax email etc all one needed for communicating.

    Forget music and video and "Apps",I only need to talk read and text and the bigger the thing is the better,

    Ok not as big as my Motorola 8500,please :-))

  6. Martin Lyne


    I got a HD2, which runs godawful WinMo6.5. The hardware (basically same as the Evo) is the best I've ever seen. It is just *gagging* for Androidification, so now I'm going to be gagging for an Evo. Nevermind the 4G, wi-fi and HSDPA will do nicely.

    We want's it hobbitz! (Although, I think i prefer the HD2 hard-buttons)

  7. Anonymous Coward


    I keep hearing about all these wonderful handsets I could buy, except I can't (or I can, but only if I'm willing to bend over and let the either of the two shonkiest telcos in the world shaft me good and proper).

    I think the BDM's at any Handset Manufacturer who signs exclusive deals with any telco needs to be shot. What kind of moron believes that restricting their market is the way to make more money.

    I'm stuck with a scabby 4 year old WinMo handset, because all the HTC and Nokia handsets I want to buy are restricted to the 2 telco's that I refuse to have any dealings with after being repeatedly burned by their overpriced plans and shonky billing practices. So while I hate Apple and their restrictive business practices, at the moment, the iPhone is the only half decent handset I can actually buy through my preferred telco here in Australia.

    Nokia and HTC take heed - you both have some great handsets I would love to buy, but your stupid moronic, waste of space BDM's have screwed you out of my business, and driven me to the point where my only option is to buy an iPhone.

    Personally I'd fire the lot of em on suspicion that they're taking kick backs from Apple. Wankers!!!


  8. Max Sang

    Largest android phone?

    I've just bought a Dell Streak which has a lovely 5" screen, and that's most definitely a phone, despite Dell calling it a tablet. And it runs Android (1.6 with a promised upgrade in a few weeks). IMHO the interface is not as intuitive as my old iPhone but in all other respects it trounces it. Not to mention being able to manage my music etc without the dreaded iTunes.

    A 5" screen is 35% larger than a 4.3", btw. It's pretty significant when you're trying to browse the web.

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