back to article Bebo rave becalmed by waves

A party on a Scottish island organised on social networking also-ran Bebo ended badly when two hundred partygoers became stranded by the tide. The majority of the 500 attending the party in the middle of the Firth of Forth made it back before the causeway was flooded, and reportedly had a good time despite the rain. But as The …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Not really very funny

    This seems to be getting reported in a light hearted manner, but remember that the people working the lifeboats that responded to this incident are volunteers who had their weekend wasted by these idiots. This is no better than hoax calling the fire service. The next time the beepers go off for a genuine emergency, maybe the volunteers who risk their lives every week wont be so quick to respond.

    Despite the promises, there appears to have been no first aid at the event and the island wasn't cleaned up after.

    hate to be a downer, but the clown that organised the event should be prosecuted for being a prize tw*t.

    1. Steve X


      Nah, just send him a bill for the cleanup and rescue.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not really very funny

      "Despite the promises, there appears to have been no first aid at the event and the island wasn't cleaned up after."

      Would love to be able to contradict you, but sadly personal experience of parties like this tells me I'd be on shaky ground. Last time (a forest rave near Dublin) me and my mates got funny looks when we went round with black bags clearing up the morning after. No doubt there actually *were* trained first aiders on the island, but I'll give you a pound to a penny they were all off their tits after a few hours.

      You'd think the organisers would at least have stopped the music and made some kind of announcement in plenty time for folk to get off. Missing the bus cos you're half-jaked is one thing. Getting marooned for the night is another.

      These selfish twats just ruin it for everyone.

  2. phuzz Silver badge


    Apparently Bebo is a bit more popular up in Scotland than Facebook.

  3. Madtam

    Who gets to pay?

    So who will be paying the costs associated with this little rescue party then?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Darwinism in action...

    One born every minute and that's a fact.

    A favourite day-trip destination of mine is Lindisfarne in Northumberland - also accessed by a tidal causeway. I can't recall many visits when there hasn't been an incident of some kind - the last one I witnessed involved the air-sea rescue helicopter.

    There's always some numptie who thinks tide tables are just a suggestion, or who assumes that - surely - the tide can't come in all that fast? Well - when there's only a few inches rise in a mile of beach, an incoming tide can educate people otherwise in far less time than it takes to drive across the causeway.

    But the best of all was when - working in a library some years ago - I was asked by a middle-aged couple if I had the crossing times for Lindisfarne. They were listed in the local newspaper, and I invited them to take a note. As the husband wrote down that week's tables, he remarked to his wife "They're different every day !" To which she replied "Typical !!"

    Aren't people wonderful?

    1. It'sa Mea... Mario

      Lindisfarn.. all to gether now

      Fog on the tyne is all mine, all mine

      Fog on the tyne is all mine




      We can have a wee wee, we can have a wet on the wall..

    2. Code Monkey

      You know more about tides than other people

      Well done, have a cookie.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Were you the one...

        ...dangling from the helicopter? What's to know about tides that every 10-year-old doesn't know? Among my generation, anyway.

        1. Code Monkey

          I was round a friend's

          Presumably you rode across the Firth on your high horse, in pleny of time.

      2. Jimbo 6

        <Title> ? </Title>

        You're saying that John is some intellectual snob ? Is it too much to expect that people have even a basic knowledge of the world they live on (i.e. that tides are caused by the moon, and therefore don't run to a daily timetable, with none on Sundays) ?

        I suppose I'm an intellectual snob too then, for my opinion that anyone who goes to an outdoor event in Scotland, but takes no precautions lest it *rains* or even *gets a tad nippy later*, is a twunt of the highest ordure.

  5. Scott 19

    Good bye some fun

    Here comes the Daily Fail readers.

  6. Brian Miller 1

    My sister was out there, had a great time!

    And BTW AC @ comment 2

    No the organiser should not be prosecuted, fair warnings were given and they didn't call the police/lifeboats. Its the namby pamby morons who trail off to a party with NO information or understanding of where they are going or what they are doing that then phone the emergency services to "rescue" those same poor little idiots.

    I mean come on! Does anyone feel the need to be responsible for their OWN actions. Or is it that the organiser wasn't a good enough big brother to provide first aiders, security, ferries, bum wipers etc. for a FREE PARTY.

    So how about you FOAD! always someone elses fucking fault. It's not like he provided faulty equipment and charged money for the use of such. If you PAY for something you can expect some standards of protection. If you invite yourself along to a free party in the middle of nowhere that you read off the internet, don't go screaming to mummy when you find out your reading skills are deficient.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Sunds liek yur abit fik mate, innit?

      @Brian Miller - so you're saying it was ever anything other than completely retarded to organise a rave on a night where torrential win and rain were expected on an island that becomes unreachable at 8pm? and are you saying that the police and lifeboats should've just sat back and said "oh well, they knew what they were getting in to!" and let people die of hypothermia or drunkenly trying to get home?

      There was no way an event like this was ever not going to end with the lifeboats being called, and so should never have happened. This isn't a case of risking with their own lives, they're risking the lives of the police and the volunteers at the lifeboats as well. You seem to think that just because something was done for free that all personal liability is therefore removed?

    2. Anonymous Coward

      @ Brian Miller 1

      Exhibit A: You.

      You are one of those folk I referred to above who spoil it for everyone. Have a cookie.

      You're right people should be expected to take responsibility for their actions, but contrary to what you seem to think that includes the party organisers. It doesn't take an IQ outside the shoe size range to realise that in holding an outdoor party you're going to attract the kind of idiots of whom you are so arrogantly dismissive. The consequences of that are not difficult to fathom, so why on earth should the organisers be absolved from blame? Fair enough they made an effort, but obviously not enough of one otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here reading retarded comments like yours.

      PS: What the fuck has money got to do with it? I can't actually respond to that part of your comment as what I have to say would probably get me banned.

  7. ForthIsNotDead
    Thumb Down

    English language?

    "u have to leave the island 20.00 hours (8pm) if you are not staying the night. this is also the time u will be able to get ON the island untill!"

    I don't even know where to begin the critique of this frankly rather shocking example of English.

    I just despair!

  8. Cameron Colley

    I think the idiots should pay for their own rescues.

    But I still think that the organisers are idiots and should at least pay to have the island cleaned -- possible as community service for "aiding and abetting morons".

    Anyone not taking something warm to wrap up in and not realising that a tidal causeway is just that is stupid.

    But -- the reason sensible people don't arrange "free events" is because they realise that, in organising something like this, you are taking some responsibility for it.

  9. YumDogfood

    I'm with Brian

    You can tell the younger generation of 'entitles-me' babies are here. Get off mommies tit and grow the fuck up, the world is not a safe place.

    The number of mod-downs should tell us how many we have here. ;-)

    1. Steve X

      The world is not a safe place

      Very true, and the people with brains prepare for that and don't expect other people to risk their lives rescuing them from their own stupidity. Would you still be so self-righteous if the lifeboat men had replied "tough shit, you got yourself into it, you get yourself out"? I'll bet they wanted to...

      The only ones sucking on mommies tit here, and probably filling their nappies too, were the ones who were too drunk or lazy to pay attention to the tide warnings until their designer trainers got wet.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Ha ha

      Nice tactic - vote me down and prove me right? What a nob.

  10. mark l 2 Silver badge

    Did someone buy Bebo then?

    Did someone buy Bebo off AOL then as i thought they were giving it until the end of May to find a buyer before shutting up shop, noticed its still there and apparently getting visitors according to this acticle

    I don' think that the organisers should be prosecuted or billed for the rescue efforts because some people were too stupid to read the warning or at least take some warm clothes. Take another example should nightclub owners be responsible if someone attends their nightclub and then has no money to get home in the middle of winter and decided to walk but has to phone for an ambulance because they are getting hypothermia?

    People are responsible for their own actions and if anyone should be billed for the rescue it should be the morons who went to the event unprepared and had to be rescued

  11. Graham Bartlett

    @Brian Miller: Not just a "free party"

    A party is a few people round a mate's house. A few dozen, max.

    A UK-wide (or at least Scotland-wide) publicity effort to get people there, and 500 people turning up on an island - it's a bit more than a little private party. It's a major event, and *YES* anyone putting on a major event should be at least a bit responsible when they set this up.

    I've no objection in principle to raves, but you've got to work on the principle of "leave nothing behind but footprints". In practise you've got tons of litter, broken glass and "human waste" left behind, and the area is pretty much trashed. God help you if you happen to hurt yourself during the event, or if some bastard off his tits on meth decides he doesn't like your T-shirt - no security or first aid. And even worse, god help everyone if something goes wrong with the electrics or a can of petrol for the generator spills and catches fire - no fire safety either.

    I do agree that a bit of personal responsibility and common sense from the people who weren't suitably prepared would be a good start. But it doesn't absolve the organisers from all responsibility.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rave? Organisers?

    How much organising does it take to get a thousand idiots, a few generators and a big sound system on to SOMEONE ELSE'S PROPERTY and proceed to trash the place, leaving it a litter strewn wasteland for the landowner/council to tidy up and sort out?

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