back to article SGI ends Itanium era with UV supers

After years of development and financial struggle, Silicon Graphics has at last begun shipping its "UltraViolet" Altix UV supercomputers. With that, the Itanium era of SGI is essentially over at the company, even though it will never say that publicly, and the NUMAlink interconnect is now available on standard x64 processors, …


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  1. GreenOgre

    Wot? No Windows drivers then?

    ... and can I get on FaceBook with that?

  2. Robert Hill

    Say it 10 times fast...

    " 2D torus topology!"

    In all seriousness, I am thrilled for SGI to finally get to a position to be commercially successful with NUMA on the x86. Using NUMA means they can scale to interesting problems that require shared memory images a lot better than most other clustering methods, and there are some types of problems that are just plain better suited to large single memory instances than parallel but separate instances.

    Now "imagine a Beowolf cluster of these"...oh, my bad, wrong site!

This topic is closed for new posts.