back to article Bookeen Cybook Opus e-book reader 2010 edition

Less than a year after its initial release French e-reader maker Bookeen has released an updated version of its Cybook Opus e-book reader, reviewed last year. The most obvious change, but fairly irrelevant, is the new range of seven colours, instead of just plain white. Colour schemes aside, the important upgrade is the new …


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  1. FrancisT

    Music not needed

    Apart from anything else playing MPs kills the battery life of the reader. Furthermore I don't know about you but I have half a dozen devices that can play music e.g. my phone, a couple of cheapo MP3 players and so on. If I want to listen to music I'll use one of them.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This a review?

    I see more opinion than review. Re-flow PDF? The idea is that PDF contains ``pages'', not ``chapters'', ``files'', or what have you. Iff you must have reflowing of PDFs then as an option, for it implies lying to the customer, as in doing something other than what the format was invented for, and hence doing something other than what was expected.

    Personally I'd like DJVU support as it is a much better solution than PDF for scanned works (which certainly won't support re-flowing). Some ereaders support it, but not enough by half. PostScript would be a nice to have, for that matter; with proper support it would get you user extendability for free. But DJVU is important for dealing with what in IT parlance would be called ``legacy'' documents: Scanned paper.

    1. Trygve

      PDF re-flow

      "it implies lying to the customer, as in doing something other than what the format was invented for, and hence doing something other than what was expected"

      I suggest that you take this up with Adobe then, since they incorporated the re-flow feature into their document format and explicitly support it in their own Reader software. Clearly Adobe are lying to the entire world by creating, supporting and documenting this feature in PDF which is not 'expected', despite being entirely standard functionality?

      Or perhaps you should just STFU if you don't know what you are babbling on about?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        OH NOES

        Oh deary deary me, a snub, and such an eloquent one too. I'm touched.

        Adobe are also well-known for creating solid, almost impossible to subvert file formats and rock-solid reader software that in no way or form ever would possibly support remote code execution. Well done, abobe, carry on! Obviously they know better than me.

        Yes, verily, absolutely indeedy.

  3. epubBooks

    The best 5-inch reader and the price is great

    I spent a few weeks with one of these readers and at the time it was the best I'd probably still is. It was also one of the most expensive so this price drop is really welcome.

    Regarding the EPUB/Mobipocket issue. I believe that is due to either the Adobe or Mobipocket DRM licensing (perhaps both). This states that they are not allowed to have a second DRM system installed at the same time as theirs. But you're right, it's about time they just dropped mobipocket--it's now all but dead.

  4. John 62


    slowly getting to the price point and feature set that will get me to buy an ebook reader (well, I'm reading Robinson Crusoe on my iPhone right now, but I'd prefer a bigger screen). For about 100 quid I'd probably buy one (in black to my my MacBook :) ), but only if I can get Games Workshop's Black Library on it. There's a ton of paperbacks I want to read, but don't need the hassle of them clogging up the house, or having to go to bookfairs/car boot sales to get rid of them after.

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