back to article AMD demos first Fusion 'APU'

The first processor to emerge from AMD's long-gestating Fusion effort made its demo debut on Tuesday at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. A Fusion processor is neither a CPU nor GPU, but in AMD parlance an APU — an accelerated processing unit. An APU not only marries a GPU and a CPU onto the same die, but can also …


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  1. Tom 7 Silver badge

    "a world increasingly reliant upon 3D graphics"

    Its nice to have sometimes but needed?

  2. George 24

    AMD back to the fore front

    Good to see that AMD is taking the fight to intel. Hopefully they will have great success with the Fusion. Also hope that developers will embrace the technology and that the M$ and intel of this world will not try to "persuade" the said developers to favor their technology...

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