back to article Hitachi touts skinny drives for skinny devices

Hitachi GST is making a major push this year into skinny 2.5in hard drives designed for skinny netbooks, laptops and emerging classes of portable devices . It says that half of its Z Series drives in the market will be single-platter by the end of the year. Single-platter drives are thinner than standard dual-platter drives, …


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  1. Mage Silver badge


    I bet Archos does a slimmer 5" pmp/video player/tablet with one of these. The A605wifi is a bit fat :)

  2. Gary F

    Single platter should be cheaper

    One platter uses less heads and other materials so in theory it should be cheaper to produce. It should also generate slightly less heat. When they get to 500GB+ capacities it will become much more desirable. I wouldn't touch anything under 500GB for home, office or datacentre use - it's a waste of a drive bay frankly.

  3. Shades
    Thumb Up

    Hey Hitachi, I'll have a couple please!

    Stick a SATA to USB interface in it and a single platter drive would make a nice, pocketable, portable drive, even more so than my already pocketable Freecom Mobile Drive XXS.

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